What type of women does PM Imran Khan dislike? [Old interview video]

Here's what he said!

Recently, an old interview clip of Prime Minister Imran Khan surfaced on social media and attracted thousands of views. According to details, the premier is candidly revealing the type of women he absolutely despises in the video clip.

Recap of Imran Khan’s marriage at the time

When Prime Minister Imran Khan married Reham Kham in 2014, Pakistanis were surprised. The newlyweds at the time made headlines and were invited to several interviews too.

The Old Interview Clip

During an interview conducted by a local media outlet, PM Khan and Reham Khan gave a house tour to the audience. Imran Khan revealed that he loves nature, and it was his dream to live in a house surrounded by a forest.

While taking a stroll in the forest, the premier talked about the kinds of women he does not like and said:

No matter how beautiful a woman is, what good is it if she does not care about what is going on in society and what cruelty is being committed? People are dying. Women like these only want expensive handbags and clothes. I hate such women.

Upon his statement, the interviewer asked whether Reham Khan is not fond of expensive things. To this, he replied,

If Reham buys a bag for Rs. 10 lac, I will divorce her.

Watch the full interview here:

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