UAE Foreign Minister Expresses Support For Macron’s Remarks On Muslims

Anwar Gargash discards accusations against French president that he seeks to exclude Muslims.

The Emirati Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash. (AFP/KARIM SAHIB)

A prominent Emirati minister has called on Muslims to accept the stance of The French President, Emmanuel Macron, on his claims about the need for “integration” in Western societies.

French President Emmanuel Macron and the UAE’s de facto ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan. (Reuters)

“Muslims have to listen carefully to what Macron said in his speech. He doesn’t want to isolate Muslims in the West, and he is absolutely right,” Anwar Gargash, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, remarked in an interview on Monday with the German daily Die Welt.

He said Muslims “need to be integrated in a better way” in Western nations.

“The French state has the right to search for ways to achieve this in parallel with combating extremism and societal closure,” he added.

Gargash rejected accusations against the French President that he seeks to exclude Muslims living in France.

The Emirati Minister’s statements come amid ongoing protests in the Muslim world against Macron’s remarks on Islam, in which he accused Muslims of “separatism” and defended publishing the controversial cartoons of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Following an intense boycott campaign of French products across the Muslim world, Macron lowered his tone and said he understood Muslims’ feelings over the cartoons.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, French President Emmanuel Macron defended his stance on the offensive cartoons. (Al Jazeera)

“I understand the emotions being expressed, and I respect them,” the French President said in an interview with Al Jazeera on Saturday.

“However, you must understand my role right now; it’s to do two things: to promote peace and also to safeguard these rights,” Macron said.

“I’ll always defend in my nation the freedom to speak, to write, to think, to draw,” he added.

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  • Arabs hukamrano ka barbadi ki safar shuro ho chuka hai
    They lost all the respect and credibility — This journey is about to end — Insha Allah

  • They have huge Investments..Money in France and Western banks.. they go against them??So don’t harsh on them..In ki bhi majborian hain..baqi Raha Islam..Tu 5 waqt ki namaz parhtey hain..hajj..roza.zikat.ada kartey Hain..itna Sara Islam in k pass ha..baqool in ke..

  • These puppets are responsible for the downfall of Islam and the Muslim world. Why the so-called democratic world doesn’t speak for democracy in Arab countries? they know that if these slave-like kings will not be ruling their countries then who will represent the western evil forces!

  • Shut up you Moron. You cannot allow hate speech, hate drawing, hate thoughts which cause pain, agony, anger are CRIME. No ethical and litterate society can allow such terrorism disguised as freedom of speech drawing thoughts etc. To hell with ur freedom. U mincing your words ONLY bcz Muslims boycotting French products. Else you never cared about Muslims sentiments.

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