UAE ‘Minister of Tolerance’ accused of sexually assaulting a British woman

McNamara said that al-Nahyan tried to contact her several times in the following days.

Emirati Minister of Tolerance Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan.

A British woman has cited a senior Emirati royal of sexually assaulting her while working on the set up of the Hay literary festival in Abu Dhabi, a British newspaper has reported.

Caitlin McNamara claims she was assaulted by the Emirati royal. (JACK HILL)

The Sunday Times reports that Caitlin McNamara, 32, alleges she was assaulted by Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, 69, the Minister of Tolerance of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The claimed assault took place on Valentine’s Day this year, at a remote private island villa where McNamara anticipated she had been summoned to discuss preparations for Abu Dhabi’s inaugural Hay Festival.

The newspaper said that McNamara had been interviewed by Scotland Yard.

At the time of the claimed attack, McNamara had spent around six months operating at Sheikh Nahyan’s tolerance ministry, having been employed by the Hay festival to organize its first collaboration with the UAE.

After formally inviting her for dinner, McNamara said that Sheikh Nahyan took her to a villa on a small island, which she believes to have been part of Abu Dhabi’s Al Gurm Resort.

Al Gurm Resort, Abu Dhabi, the UAE.

Once she arrived at the villa, they had a professional conversation and drank wine, McNamara said which had surprised her due to the prohibition of alcohol in the country. A while later, al-Nahyan’s demeanor changed, and he proceeded to assault her several times sexually.

McNamara said that al-Nahyan tried to contact her several times in the following days.

The British woman returned to London in March but lost her job. After the COVID-19 lockdown was lifted, McNamara went to the police to give a three-hour interview in east London and filed a criminal complaint against the minister.

The front page of The Sunday Times, issued on 18 October 2020.

Sheikh Nahyan did not respond to messages or calls from The Sunday Times over the allegations, which were also sent through his press adviser.

A letter was sent by London libel lawyers Schillings with the following statement: “Our client is saddened and surprised by this allegation that arrives eight months after the alleged incident and via a national newspaper. The account is denied.”

On Saturday, the Hay festival directors pledged never to return to the UAE again while Sheikh Nahyan remains there.

Caroline Michel, chair of the Hay board, reported the alleged assault “as an appalling violation and a hideous abuse of trust and position.”

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