UAE prepares strategy to boost Pakistan’s internet speed with the new 1300km cable




In a bit to strengthen UAE’s bilateral relationship with Pakistan, Du, the Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company is enabling a new Orient Expressed submarine fiber optic cable between UAE and Pakistan to improve internet speed.

With being a significant development in the terms between the two countries, it will also enhance the country’s image as a connectivity hub. The 300 km cable system is aimed at linking landing points in Gwadar and Karachi in Pakistan with Kalba in the UAE.

With the launch of the submarine cable system, UAE aims at helping Pakistan’s digital penetration by reducing the country’s digital divide and improve overall awareness. By linking the famed port city of Gwadar with UAE, the country looks forward to opening a new data highway leading to connection to China through Pakistan.

Orient Express cable:

Along with all this, it will also provide telecommunication operators in Pakistan with access to the competitive IP transit market.

”As the partnering telecom operator for the landmark project alongside wi-tribe Pakistan LDI (Private) Ltd, a group company of HB International Investments Ltd, the EITC will be the UAE landing party for the cable and will provide landing station infrastructure for the connectivity of the fibre optic cable system’s UAE presence.”

CEO of the EITC, Osman Sultan, said that following this milestone agreement, they are looking forward to leveraging their extensive expertise to institute this innovation. They plan on doing that, using strategic datanema facilities and the presence of regional hub over 150 content and cloud providers, including 40 in their ecosystem.

”We are trailblazing new paths towards digital innovation, and the construction of the submarine cable system, ‘Orient Express’, is a testament to our efforts in becoming a pioneer in telecommunications” – said Syed Rukhsar Ul Hassan Bokhari, chairman of wi-tribe Pakistan LDI (Private) Ltd and HB International Investments.

Due to the agreement, the completed Orient Express cable will provide high bandwidth capacity, transit facility with low latency, internet services, high-quality routes, and peering services to other enterprise customers and service providers.


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