The culprits behind the rape, pregnancy of a 14-year-old girl in Rawalpindi arrested

The bone-chilling incident occurred within the premises of Ratta Amral police station.

A few months back, a case of rape of a 5 months old child was also reported in the same neighbourhood.  The police found Muhammad Munir (in the picture) responsible for it.


The police have arrested the culprits behind the rape and pregnancy of a 14-year-old teenager in Rawalpindi. The bone-chilling incident occurred within the premises of Ratta Amral police station.

The victim, whose mother had passed away and step-mother left after a fight with her father, was alone at her place. Her father left the house for work after preparing breakfast for her. Knowing that she is alone in her home for most of the day, a man from her neighbourhood came to see her and said that she can ask him if she needs anything.

After making her comfortable, he entered the house one day and raped her. He threatened that if she dares to speak out against him, he will murder her father. 

Scared and terrified, the girl maintained her silence for the safety of her father. The culprit started to visit the house daily and subjected her to rape multiple times. After one week, he brought another friend to join him in the heinous act.

Seeing them visit the house regularly, an elderly man from the neighbourhood decided to follow and investigate the matter. When he reached the house, he saw the victim in a helpless and vulnerable state as the culprits had fled after raping her. Rather than reporting the matter, the elderly man also raped her and later another man joined him in the act.

The 14-year-old victim was subjected to rape and brutal assault multiple times for months. Afraid to speak out herself, her father only came to know about the matter when her health started to deteriorate. He took her to the doctor, who informed that she is six-months pregnant.

Still worried about his safety, the victim reluctantly shared the ordeal with her father. He took her to the police station, where a formal complaint was filed and the culprits were arrested. Two of the culprits are married and have children themselves, while two are college students.

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  • These type of people should be hanged tilk death and their dead bodies should be hanged in a chowk. The bloody bastereds

  • Shoot him in the face on the front people’s and telecast live it on media and all social media sites
    These kinds of people are not human make him a lesson to others os no one be able to think 0to do these kinds of crimes
    But our government never do that i just……. shame on them

  • Sab sa pehly larki ko saza melni chahi ya..Q ghalt kam karti te….ya khud aunlogo ko sat meli hove te..or mazy lay rahi te….

    • Bhai Soch Baldlain larki kay sath ziyati howi agar woh ghalat kaam kerti bhi thi tu unko nahi kerna chahiyey tha she is only 14 for gods sake.

    • Inteha se zyada tum ghatya aadmi ho. Tumhare comment se andaza hota hai ke zehan se tum bhi ek rapist se kam nahi ho haramzaday. Pata nahi kis maa ne tujhe paida kiya hai joh aurat hokar ye tarbiyat nahi karsaki ke aurat ki izzat kese karte hain. Allah tujhe kabhi beti na day aisi ghatya soch waale insaan ko

    • Bhai Jan,She is Totally 14 years of age.How can u say that us ny bhi maxy leye.Article 378 say In Sb Ko Saza e Ibrat Milni chaheye

    • I was surprised where you got the guts to type it. I can say alot here, but it will be a waste of my time to argue with a person who actually went ahead and typed such an insensitive comment.

    • Insaniyat naam ki chez nh bhai tujh m begarat wali comment kar ke apni hewaniyat
      kj a saboot deya h tu ne

    • Yara lanat ha tmari soch pe…pehle to tm jaise logon ko saza milni cahie… larki ka saoor ha ye kaise keh sakte ho tm uske chacha lagte ho… walla tme arrest karna cahie… jahil insaan rape ka matlab hota ha baghair marzi ke… bas kia karein aj kal pare likhe jahiloon ka… tm jaise logon ki wajah se victims ko insaaf nai milta huhhh


    • Thek kaha. 6 mah tk koi larki ye sab bardasht ni kr sakti. Aur pregnancy aik do mah ki b ho to pait phool jata hai. Laikn na baap ko shak hua aur na kisi rishty dar ko. Larki ka kirsar b thek ni tha.

    • Bagarat insarn would you say the same if it was your daughter or sister! Think before you open your mouth Allah can put you in the same test or even worse!

    • Tum jaise ghatya log apni mao aur behno ke sath maze lete hai aur jab unka lun waha thanda nahi hota toh bahir jate hai. Apni maa ki ja ke mar jis ki kus main se tum jaisa gand nikla hai

    • you said right
      main part should cut off so they will not be able to do it
      and then it should be telecasted
      that one who rapes will get *** it cut off

  • law should be implemented that one who rapes will get its part cut off so will not be able to do again

  • Allah k wastay kuch karo aisy news bana kar social media par chala kar kuch nahi hoga. Zinda jala do un haramzadon ko. Mera bus chalay to main roz ek ek jism ka hissa kat kr us pr namak lagaon or tarapne k liye chhor dun. Na mot aay na sukun. Jahil kuttay haramzaday.

  • لنڈ کاٹ کر انکی گانڈ میں دے دو اور انکے سامنے انکے بچوں کا ریپ کرو۔ رنڈی کے بچے مادرچود

  • Should be hang multiple time infront of people…sirf ek phanda kafi nai ha aese logo k lye…latkaen or aziatnak mot den

  • Hanged them publicly they are not human especially hanged and cut the penis of elderly bull shit man before his death they don’t have right to live. Hanged them till death

  • Our views on that???
    Take views of so called human rights activists who still want a soft punishment for such animals. Hang them in public. Cut them to bleed to death

  • What happened to the verdict to hanging men who rape children., on The road. Now. Is the govt still sleeping unaware of this news or these things are just for facebook. The govt must act now and ahng them before the get discharged of this brutal act

  • Public hanging is the solution.
    Hang them and make an example by letting their dead bodies 5 days outside.

  • Inhuman behavior with her(Human being ) demand justice , justice through set a precedent of punishment

  • Still no one will do anything these bloody basturde talks about no punishment in school and stood against it but these so called peace lover will not pass this rule of hanging these fucking basturde publicly in short kuch ni hoga

  • Enough is enough, we need to raise our voice, let these be hanged till death, a brutal death that people fear the thought of this heinous act ???

  • Thats the islamic state of Pakistan, where girls all ages get raped daily and nobody takes actions. Where little boys are victims of bacha bazi and everyone decides to look away. Every month there are new victims. If you dont find helpless women or kids u go for donkeys. Raping in mosques and madrasas, what kind of people are you?

  • Jo koi b shaamil tha is ghaleez harkt main dua hai wo suar ki moat marey. Har tahra se zaleel ho or bheeg maange ke unay moat aajaye aur khudara moat b na aye. Ameen

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