Pakistanis record protest against UK government’s policies as #UKGovtSupportsMafias trends

The trend shows Pakistani nation's concern's over UK government's policies.

Pakistanis are protesting against the UK government’s policies set in motion to shelter criminals wanted in Pakistan. After Altaf Hussain, the UK government’s recently increased support for the Sharif family has raised suspicion amongst Pakistanis.

Many Pakistanis have now taken to Twitter to voice their concerns and call out the accused. According to Pakistanis, famous personalities like Altaf Hussain, Nawaz Sharif, Ishaq Dar, Hassan Nawaz, Hussain Nawaz, Suleman Shahbaz, and Ali Imran are all absconders “wanted” by Pakistani courts who are enjoying their lives in London uptown with looted money.

Here are some of the tweets going viral on Twitter with the hashtag #UKGovtSupportsMafias:

Dr. Arsalan Khalid, focal person to Prime Minister on Digital Media, also took part in the trending hashtag and said:

The UK’s Response to the Accusation in the Past

Previously when the UK’s government was condemned for the support, officials denied all and said:

There is no extradition treaty signed with Pakistan. The British government does not “shelter” or “harbor” anyone.

Proof can be garnered from Nawaz Sharif’s case

The UK’s Minister for South Asia and the Commonwealth wrote a letter to East Ham’s Labour MP Stephen Timms (who had written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Office on the 16th of December) to ask whether any arrangements were made to send Nawaz Sharif back.

Timms forwarded a letter of his British Pakistani constituent Khalid Lodhi to the UK government’s headquarters.

Minister of State for South Asia Lord Tariq Ahmad replied to Timms while noting that a charter flight to Pakistan had departed from the UK in December 2020, with 18 people aboard. The state minister mentioned:

I cannot comment on individual cases (Nawaz Sharif’s extradition), but I assure you that the UK government does not ‘shelter’ or ‘harbor’ anyone.

Justifying his statement, the Minister of State for South Asia Lord Tariq Ahmad further stated:

This means through which to seek formal UK Government assistance regarding the return of individuals to Pakistan is through the formal extradition process [sic]. The UK and Pakistan do not currently have an extradition treaty. Extraditions are still possible and have taken place. However, if any extradition request were to be submitted through proper channels, it would be considered in line with the UK law.

China also Accuses the UK’s Government

China had issued an arrest warrant for Nathan Law, a 27-year-old Hong Kong politician and activist, in October after he failed to appear in court over an illegal assembly charge. Nathan Law took to Twitter after a few months to reveal that his asylum application had been approved, and British authorities awarded him refugee status.

Following the tweet, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijan said:

The UK provides so-called shelter to wanted criminals. This is a gross interference in Hong Kong’s judicial system and a violation of international law.

All these incidents have led Pakistanis to stage an uprising on Twitter against the UK’s government and its policies. Only time will tell what becomes of these infringements now.

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