Fasting to experience it herself, UK’s Deputy High Commissioner Elin Burns hosts an Iftar Party

UK's Deputy High Commissioner Elin Burns hosts an Iftar party, while she fasted herself as well.

UK's_Deputy High Commissioner
A glimpse of the Iftar party arranged by the UK’s Deputy High Commissioner Elin Burns.

The UK’s Deputy High Commissioner Karachi Elin Burns had experienced a fast for the first time and hosted an Iftar dinner for her guests and colleagues. She said that thrust would be more challenging for her during fast rather than hunger and that she had also missed her morning cup of coffee.


UK_Deputy High Commissioner
Another picture of the Iftar party hosted by Elin Burns of the UK.

“I decided to fast because I haven’t seen my fast here in Pakistan although it is my second Ramadan since arriving”, she said.

“It really surprised me, which actually relatively was an easier one to fast once I decided to do it. I really enjoyed the experience although I have to admit that I have huge sympathy and admiration for my friends in the UK who are fasting because in Pakistan Iftar is at 7:15pm rather than 9. I was definitely ready to open my fast with a drink(Roh Afzah) and the date”, she further said while explaining her experience of having fast.

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She was appointed in Karachi in October 2017. Previously, she was based in Brussels overseeing the UK government’s relationship with the European Parliament. A deputy high commissioner works as a subordinate office to the High Commissioner and typically responsible for trade, visa or consular access in their respective region or city.

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