Umer Akmal Suffered From Epilepsy: Najam Sethi

Former chairman PCB has made a shocking claim about the banned cricketer.

Former chairman Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Najam Sethi Sethi has made a shocking claim about the banned cricketer, Umer Akmal. Sethi claimed that Umer Akmal suffered from epileptic fits during his time as the head of The PCB.

Umer Akmal was banned for 3-years by the cricket board for failing to inform The PCB about a spot-fixing approach from the bookies.

Najam Sethi claimed that Akmal had suffered epileptic fits during the tour of West Indies.

“As soon as I joined PCB, the first big issue I faced was regarding Akmal. He suffered an epileptic fit during the tour of West Indies. When he returned home, I asked him to take a break from cricket and get medical treatment but he refused that and insisted on playing,” Najam Sethi claimed.

He further stated that the middle-order batsman was given warnings on many occasions to change his attitude.

“He had, both, psychological and medical problems. He was asked numerous times to mend his ways but he did not listen and consequently resulted in Akmal’s involvement in frequent controversies after every two or three months.”

Regarding the 3-years ban, the former chairman PCB said that it is totally fair. He added that Akmal always played for himself and not the team. Najam Sethi advised Umer Akmal to sit down with a psychiatrist to become more discipline-oriented.


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  • He probably smoked weed or spike in West Indies , which causes epileptic fits in some people

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