VIDEO: Two years after the murder of her family at the hands of PPP MPAs, Umm-e-Rubab still waiting for justice

Rubab is pursuing the case of her slain family members by herself.


Umm-e-Rubab, a 21-year-old advocate, is still struggling for justice after her grandfather, father, and uncle were brutally murdered by MPA Sardar Ahmad Chandio and his brother Nawab Burhan in Sindh.

Rubab is pursuing the case of her slain family members alone and the case was highlighted last year when a video of a barefooted Umm-e-Rubab walking out from the court, went viral on social media.

On the 17th of January 2018, the father, grandfather, and uncle of Umm-e-Rubab were mercilessly murdered in front of their home.

Earlier in an interview Rubab said, “I ask the institutions, my family was killed by the two PPP MPA’s, and now the PPP is sheltering the killers. Justice is being mocked and everybody is watching.”


The young advocate further said that she is being continuously threatened to revoke the case against the Sindh government. However, for not only her family, but she also aims to make sure criminals are held accountable, regardless of how rich or powerful they may be.

People are all praise for the brave girl for fighting justice in this injustice country.

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