All the exclusive pictures of PM Khan, First Lady performing Umrah [PICTURES]

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The pictures of Prime Minister Imran Khan and First Lady Bushra Bibi performing Umrah together have gone viral on social media.

The couple traveled to the holy city of Makkah on Sunday and performed Umrah. An official delegation also accompanied the premier and the first lady.

Before performing Umrah, the PM was also given the opportunity to enter the Holy Kaabah “as the door was opened specially for him.”

The Interior Minister, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, who is also part of the delegation, tweeted that the Prime Minister and the delegation offered Nawafil prayers inside the Ka’aba.

In the video shared by the minister, PM Imran and his wife can be seen kissing the Hajr-e-Aswad.

The PM, along with his wife, performed the obligatory Tawaf and Sai.

Khan arrived in Madina on Saturday, where he and his wife walked barefoot to pay their respects at Roza-e-Rasool (P.B.U.H).

Here are the pictures of the couple walking together in the sacred Haram area:

Umrah Pictures

Umrah Pictures

Umrah Pictures

Umrah Pictures

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