My parents are happy that I made my country proud – Pakistani Tekken World Champion Arslan Ash


The Esports gaming culture is not very popular in a country like Pakistan. Despite having massively talented players putting their time and effort in gaming, this sector seems to be of no great significance in this part of the world.

Originating from such problematic and unsupportive gaming environment, Arslan ‘Ash’ Siddique has stunned the world with his mind-blowing Tekken performances in Evo 2019, where he beat the ex-Evo 2018 champion Jae-Min “Knee” Bae twice to bring the trophy home.

Gaming is the last thing that Pakistani parents want their children to opt-out for. Not only are gamers let down morally and by their parents because there is simply no gaming future seen in the country. In addition to that, there are other several issues that they have to go through high ping being the leading one.

However, no matter how much visa and travel problems were thrown in the way of Arslan Ash, that did not stop him to make it to the top Esports competition the Evo-2019 Las Vegas. He mopped the floor with every Top Tekken player, beating the previously 2 times Champion Knee twice in the finals.

The electric atmosphere saw the rise of this unstoppable Pakistani gamer as the commentator Aris was heard saying “the story here is this guy cannot be stopped”.

Arslan Ash started his journey from a local arcade in Baghbanpura, Lahore. Nobody recognized his talent and his potential at the start as he was not even labeled as the best player in Pakistan. The previously best Tekken players, however, were no competition in front of Korean and Japanese style of play. Moreover, not many got a chance to travel and take part on an international stage simply place they could not afford to travel and the sponsors were not willing to give them a chance despite their talent.

‘I felt like I did something unbelievable’

Arslan Ash’s international career kicked off in FV Cup x SEA Major 2018 where he could only manage to cling the 9 spots. Later on, he signed with an Esports organization called vSlash and traveled to Dubai for OUG Tournament where he beat Knee 3-0.

Despite the win, he still couldn’t make his mark as most people called his victory a coincidence. However, Arslan Ash was not done yet he then went on to participate in EVO Championship Series Japan 2019 who might be as much anticipated as Evo US.  But this was a real test of skill for Ash. What came after that was his insane skill and outclass gameplay winning Evo Japan 2019. Later he went on to participate in Evo US 2019 and once again he got his well-deserved victory.

The world is absolutely stunned by the new Tekken champion:

Just like his performance, his recent interview with ESPN sports won a lot of hearts as well. His humble attitude, clear-mindedness, and commitment make him standout. Here is what the people had to say:

His journey might not have had the brightest of stars and it was of hardships and difficulties of Visa’s and traveling but this did not stop him. The determination the 23-year old showed is a lesson for all the talented Pakistani gamers out there. ‘I felt like I did something unbelievable’ were his words in an interview after his glorious final.

Arslan Ash taught the world a lesson that if you are determined and are willing to do anything for your dream, then no matter how many challenges come your way, you can make it past them and get yourself at the top stage.

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