Pushto singer Nazia Iqbal under pressure to forgive her brother who raped her daughters

Nazia Iqbal took to social media to shame her brother who was found guilty of harassing her two daughters.

While harassment still remains an ‘untouchable’ issue in Pakistani society, we are in collective denial of incest in the first place. But among the people who turn a blind eye to it is brave Nazia Iqbal, who stood with her daughters against her own brother, speaking on behalf of victims of incest who are yet to find their voices across the country.

Taking to social media, she shamed her brother Iftikhar Ali, who was found guilty of raping her two daughters. After the decision of Rawalpindi district court sentencing her brother to death and imposing a fine of Rs 600,000 was announced, Pushto singing sensation Nazia Iqbal took to Facebook to get herself heard.

Determined and focused, Nazia hailed the court decision and declared it a step in the right direction.

“Truth has prevailed and justice has been served. Verdicts like the one about my brother serve a bigger purpose of keeping the future of young girls in our society bright and safe” – she said in the video message.

However, ever since the decision has been announced, Nazia’s mother is approaching her and pressurising to pardon her rapist brother. In the video message, she says that her mother is begging her to spare her son for her sake.

Her video message: 


Nazia’s fight to this day has been a tough one. From social media trials to resistance from her own blood relations, she has faced it all. But she wants her case to serve as an inspiration for mothers, who should not only be vigilant and protect their kids around strangers but their immediate family members as well.

“I fought a long and tedious battle in the court and Allah blessed me with justice I request others to stand up for their children and protect them from the beasts wandering around in our society.” – she said in the video message.

While the social media opinion was divided over the issue, few in support while others blaming her for being an artist and sensationalizing the issue, Nazia urges us to believe and protect our children.

The case:

Nazia registered a complaint against her brother at the Rawat police station on April 25th last year, accusing her brother of harassing and sexually abusing her two daughters. She lodged an FIR against her brother Iftikhar, who threatened to kill his nieces if they try to tell anyone. The 21 years old culprit was immediately arrested, followed by DNA tests, that confirmed that both girls were abused by their uncle.

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