UNDP to collaborate with Sindh government for Karachi’s development

These projects were launched in collaboration with global donor and development agencies.

Bahadurabad, Karachi. (Shutterstock)

The UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) has offered to partner with the Sindh government on several projects in Karachi.

These initiatives include improving the metropolis’ master plan and resettling the people displaced due to the ongoing drive to revamp stormwater drains in the city.

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The offer was made as a delegation of the UNDP met the Sindh Local Government Secretary, Syed Najam Ahmed Shah, at his office on Monday.

The delegation discussed the possibility of joining hands with the Sindh government to construct civic infrastructure and carry out other development projects in the province, especially Karachi.

The local government secretary said that the Sindh government had launched several development initiatives to ensure the people of Sindh’s welfare and progress.

These projects were launched in collaboration with global donor and development agencies.

Meanwhile, the delegation told the local government secretary that the UNDP has worked in other provinces of the country with their respective provincial governments for different development projects.

They said it would be an honor for the UNDP to join hands with the Sindh local government department for development works in the province.It was said that the UNDP desired to develop Karachi following the guidelines of the Sindh government.

Shah expressed his ‘sincere’ gratitude to the UNDP delegation for their offer, saying that the local government department had carried out several development projects.

These projects include the drive to remove physical encroachments from the land of stormwater drains and ensure resettlement of the people displaced due to this anti-encroachment campaign.

Shah alleged that the interest shown by the global donor and development agencies in the Sindh government’s projects endorsed the provincial government’s efforts to serve the people of Sindh.

He hoped that soon Karachi would be counted among the most developed and advanced cities of the world.

Author’s note: As a resident of Karachi, I can confidently say this is just ‘all talk, no action’ by the corrupt Sindh government.

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