‘Unemployed Ph.D. scholars will cross 3,000 mark by the end of 2020’

'No effective steps had been taken by the concerned authorities for placement of the unemployed PhDs in varsities and higher educational institutes,' PAP

unemployed PhD scholars

The Ph.D. Association of Pakistan (PAP) has stated that by the end of this year, the number of unemployed PhDs in Pakistan will cross 3,000.

Expressing their concerns over the high number of unemployed PhDs, the PAP representatives told a local news outlet that the government had been paying no attention to resolving the Ph.D. scholars’ problems. Moreover, no effective steps had been taken by the concerned authorities for placement of the jobless PhDs in varsities and higher educational institutes.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Dr. Tariq Banuri, said that around 45,000 non-PhD faculty members are currently employed in the state-run varsities across Pakistan. Public and private sector varsities prefer recruiting non-PhD faculty members in sheer violation of the HEC’s directives.

Appointments of retired teachers

Many Fresh PhDs are protesting against not getting jobs. On the other hand, educational institutes have been hiring retired instructors on a contractual basis and as a visiting faculty. This trend is discouraging for fresh PhDs and is a clear violation of the apex court’s orders.

The PAP Patron-in-Chief, Dr. Sidra Bajwa, said, “If the negligent attitude and such discouraging policies continue under which retired people are being reappointed as teachers instead of fresh Ph.D. doctors, Pakistan will face a severe shortage of PhDs in the future. As a result, the academic and research progress of the country would be compromised.”

She added Ph.D. scholars play a vital role in the development of any country. The number of Ph.D. doctors and research articles have been the most important factors that caused the rising of varsities in the global university rankings.

Ms. Bajwa called on the concerned authorities to ensure the formulation and implementation of an effective policy to integrate the local and foreign qualified PhDs in Pakistan’s academia.

PAP demands

The PAP representatives demand that the federal government announce a package for unemployed PhDs, in the same manner, it announced the economic relief packages for the people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The association also demands to provide job opportunities to the fresh Ph.D. doctors.

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