Unique Karachi-based startup to connect overseas Pakistanis with their ‘kin’

the mobile app InstaKin was launched "to solve real-life problems" faced by overseas Pakistanis.

A local startup from Karachi, InstaKin Founder, has conveniently connected overseas Pakistanis with their families in Pakistan. The platform helps migrants manage everyday yet unattended issues like paying home bills, sending gifts, property management, elderly care, document certification, hiring runners, etc.

Speaking to a local news outlet, the CEO of InstaKin Founder, Yasir Shirazi, said that the initiative has contributed to Pakistan’s economy by creating thousands of job opportunities.

Shirazi claimed that the mobile app InstaKin was launched “to solve real-life problems” faced by overseas Pakistanis. He stressed that the shortage of trusted platforms in this domain was the driving force behind the startup idea.

Sharing details, the CEO informed that he felt the need for such an application when he was living abroad.

“l realized that it was a difficult procedure every time I needed to handle any task back home,” he stated.

He further went on to say that the idea is to create a global one-stop-shop platform for diaspora members globally.”

Revealing the expansion plan, Yasir said that the app would also start providing services to other countries, terming it a global forum that had started with the Pakistani market.

He said that the community-driven platform did not charge the overseas Pakistanis any fee. The fee was received from verified vendors.

More than 28 million South Asian immigrants and 10 million overseas Pakistanis could benefit from InstaKin.

Furthermore, roughly 250 million expatriates globally can also benefit from the services.
“Currently, the startup has more than 30 employees,” Shirazi said, adding that thousands of people across Pakistan were indirectly employed through agents and distributors.

The platform is expected to create more than 3,000 new jobs directly and via the company’s vendor network over the next two years.

Download the application from here: InstaKin

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    • you have no idea, what the project is but you still had to spout your rubbish. This is a great initiative. I am saying this after using their services.

  • they have girls in customer service and have looted my brother for the work of 15 USD to 200 USD for the same information that was available on official website year 2022. prolonged the work even after commitment and will also trap you in documentation work. beware

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