Charlie Chaplin mimicry to tourism and beauty: 15 Pakistani TikTokers with the most UNIQUE content

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Pakistani tiktokers are making the buzz with their unique content! More than 20 million Pakistanis have signed up on the video streaming platform, TikTok, which shows that the app has garnered major attention.

However, the majority of videos on the platform revolve around songs, dance, and memes. There are only a few users who make videos about innovation, education, and productive entertainment.

Let’s take a look at 15 Pakistani TikTokers who are engaging users in healthy activities by creating praiseworthy content:

Are you looking for someone to spruce up your life? Then you should follow Amna Mehmood on TikTok. This TikToker has garnered over a million followers with her regular dose life-changing tips videos. Amna Mehmood also talks about religious facts and lessons occasionally to educate the Muslims.

Followers: 1.6M


Just Replace a Bad habit with a Good one and So On….?#fyp #foryou #foryoupage #ramadannaat

♬ original sound – Amna Mehmood

02. Pakistani Charlie

All the fans of Charlie Chaplin movies must follow this desi version of the iconic celebrity. Pakistani Charlie creates short and jovial videos mimicking the style of Charlie Chaplin to spread smiles all around. What makes his videos so much better is the plain and straightforward humor, which never fails to put you in laughter fits.

Followers: 933.3K


Charlie Dhoka sho ??? #viral #foryou #pakistanicharlie #coronavirus #stayhome #staysafe

♬ original sound – ?احسان__کنگ?

Shahzeb is a Pakistani-American comedian who is known for entertaining a massive crowd on TikTok. The TikToker creates funny videos about brown families and occasionally mimics Bollywood. Fans love the element of relatability he adds in all his videos.

Followers: 37.8K


#pakistani #pakistanitiktok #desi #brown #punjabi #indian

♬ Billo De Ghar – Abrar-Ul-Haq

04. Safar Parast

If you think you’ve seen all of Pakistan’s natural beauty, follow this TikTok account and reconsider. Safar Parast displays Pakistan’s mesmerizing beauty – from lush green valleys to scenic waterfalls. You can see the true beauty of Pakistan from the comfort of your mobile phones by following this TikTok account.

Followers: 31.5K


Adventure awaits ? #foryou #traveladict #hunza #safarparast

♬ original sound – سفر پرست

Living in a small town in Pakistan does not stop Ak Magsi from entertaining people all around the country. This TikTok account is loved by millions of people for light-hearted comedy videos. Keep your daily dose of laughter in check by following Ak Magsi.

Followers: 2.4M


#akmagsi #tiktokpakistan #tiktokindia #fouryou #funnyvideos #funy?

♬ original sound – _A_R_S_H_A_N_ – -_-_A_R_S_H_A_N_-_-

06. Qaisar Baloch

Qaisar Baloch is a Pakistani hairstylist who has garnered major attention in the fashion industry for his talent. The TikToker is known for creating amazing hairstyle transformations, which are incredibly satisfying to watch.

Followers: 1.9M


Qaisar Baloch Salon F7/1 Islamabad #omg #hair #salon #change #trend #viral #foryou #tiktokworld #foryoupage #hardwork #beauty #video

♬ Nadion Paar – SAMOSIIII ?

Rosy and Akbar Pirani are a Pakistani-Indian desi couple. People have been showering love over this married couple ever since the duo joined TikTok. They are famous for creating content about brown families to entertain and educate people with their everyday married-life struggles.

Followers: 41.7K


This or that! #thisorthat #couplegoals #fyp #trend #tiktokindia #foryou #marriedlife #muslim #pakistani #indian #tiktokpakistan #tiktokmuslim #desi

♬ It’s Tricky – RUN DMC

If you want to improve your personal health and hygiene, Irfan Azeem is the TikToker to follow. Many know this man as the online doctor famous for making videos on healthy eating and skincare. Show some love to yourself by following this TikTok account.

Famous for: healthy eating and skincare tips to improve people’s lifestyle.

Followers: 270.2K


Detail Video YouTube pa dakhiny Link Tiktok ki BIO main hai:- #foryou #foryoupage #fyp #100k #weightloss #irfanazeem #standwithkashmir #dubai

♬ Islamic Nasheed Background – Wanner Art

09. Mr. Battery

This TikTok account is for everyone who loves to watch excellent acting. Mr. Battery is famous for his stunning expressions and acting skills. This TikToker also creates funny videos showcasing his witty humor occasionally to entertain his millions of followers on the video streaming platform.

Famous for: making people laugh with his witty humor and excellent acting skills

Followers: 4.7M


????? ???? ?? ?? ?? ??????????(??_???????_)? #teambattery

♬ original sound – ᴍᴜɴᴇᴇʙ ᴋɪɴɢ 143 – ᴍᴜɴᴇᴇʙ ᴋɪɴɢ 143

10. Salt to Taste

If you’re just starting with cooking and want to tap into easy and simple recipes, then Salt to Taste is the TikTok account for you. This TikToker regularly posts easy and instant yummy recipes to teach people excellent culinary skills.

Famous for: making cooking easy with simple instant recipes

Followers: 2.6M


Fried Black pepper Chicken leg piece. Friends, Subscribe my youtube channel Salt to taste Official and my insta Salt_to_taste1 ❤️ thank you very much

♬ original sound – Salt to taste

11. Mehak Nasir

All the girls who are obsessed with mehndi must follow Mehak Nasir on TikTok. This TikToker is famous for creating extraordinary henna designs that are absolute #goals. Follow this TikTok account today to find a mehndi design for yourself for your next event.

Followers: 250.9K

@mehaknasir5 #mehndi #hennabymehak #1mauditionpk

♬ original sound – faizi

12. English with Samad

English with Samad stands out amongst all the other TikTok accounts on the video streaming platform. This TikToker makes videos purely for the purpose of education and teaches people how to speak proper English. Follow English with Samad to improve your pronunciation and speaking skills.

Followers: 1.4M


♬ original sound – EnglishWithSamad

13. The Linguist

Another famous educational English-language account on TikTok is The Linguist. This TikToker helps his followers learn basic English most effortlessly. Boost your language skills by following this TikTok account today.

Followers: 919.2K


♬ original sound – The Linguist

14. Adnan

Thousands of people follow TikToker Adnan on the video streaming platform for his computer-based educational videos. If you want to learn corporate basics – from Excel tips and tricks to email etiquette, you must follow the TikTok account AnalyseThis.

Followers: 823.8K


Favourite excel trick #excelpro #learnexcel #exceltips #excel_learning #excel #spreadsheet #exceltricks #LearnOnTiktok

♬ Make It Right [Originally Performed by Bts & Lauv] – Instrumental – Felipe Hunt

15. Ayeshakhan

Enjoy your daily dose of beauty with TikToker Ayesha Khan. This gorgeous TikToker regularly posts beauty tips and tricks that revolve around make-up, hairstyle, and skincare on her account. If you’re interested in amazing styling advice, follow Ayesha Khan for the best.

Followers: 648.4K


#shareplease? #foryou #foryoupage #imnotamodel #powerkapunch #standwithkashmir

♬ original sound – fyaz khan

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