United Alpha Vs. Suzuki Cultus: A specs, price comparison between the old and new of the 1000cc segment

Here's a brief comparison.

United Alpha vs. Suzuki Cultus – a comparison of the 1000 CC segment

United Alpha is the latest addition to Pakistan’s 1000CC category. This new entry calls for a comparison between the Alpha and the relatively old key player of the segment, the Suzuki Cultus. 

The Suzuki Cultus has been dominating the 1000CC segment for years. However, now that new players like the Alpha are entering the market, the choice range for the customers is increasing. 

To understand, which one’s a better choice, here is a brief comparison of the two vehicles’ salient features. 

The Suzuki Cultus VS. The United Alpha 

Engine and Transmission: 

The United Alpha features a 993cc engine, which produces 68hp and 93Nm Torque. On the other hand, Cultus showcases a 998cc engine, generating 67hp and 90Nm Torque. Both the vehicles have a 5-speed manual transmission.

Although Alpha has a small engine in size, it produces more horsepower and torque than the Cultus. 

Safety Features: 

Suzuki’s vehicle has dual airbags and ABS, while the United’s car does not include the features.

This makes the Suzuki Cultus a safer car as compared to the United Alpha.

Alloy Wheels & Fog Lamps: 

Both the hatchbacks showcase Alloy Wheels and Fog Lamps, meaning that both cars are sturdy, reliable, and easy to drive in fog.

Power Steering & Power Windows: 

The Alpha and the Cultus both feature Power Steering. However, the Alpha has the edge over the Cultus here because it also flaunts Power Windows.  

Rear Wiper & Rear Camera: 

The United Alpha has taken the lead in both these features, as it has a Rear Wiper and Rear Camera installed. In contrast, the Cultus doesn’t offer these features.

Multimedia Screen: 

Both the vehicles flaunt a chic and modern interior with multimedia screens with Audio, Radio, and Bluetooth connectivity controls. 


The Alpha showcases more features than the Cultus, that too at a lower price.

The price of Alpha is Rs. 1,395,000, while the current rate of Cultus is Rs. 1,970,000. 

Here is a tabular version of the comparison: 

United Alpha vs. Suzuki Cultus – a comparison of the 1000 CC segment. Via PAK WHEELS

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