United Bank Limited ‘Robs’ Anchor Maria Memon of Her Late Mother’s Jewellery

Maria Memon accused the UBL of robbing of her mother's jewellery Renowned anchor Maria Memon has accused the United Bank Limited (UBL) of robing her of her late mother’s jewellery.

In a social media post, Maria Memon narrated her ordeal of losing her mother’s jewellery, which was kept in a locker of the UBL Model Town branch in Lahore.

According to the famous anchor, her mother had told her sister about the gold just a few days before her death.

“Few weeks after her demise,my father went to the UBL Model Town Branch in Lahore to operate a joint locker where he was registered as an either/or survivor. The bank CSR and manager didn’t allow my father to operate the locker,” said Maria Memon.

The UBL staff told her father about the requirement of a succession certificate. Maria wrote that her ‘grief stricken &  emotionally drained’ father believed the bank.

“My sister was abroad so we decided to leave this matter for later. Fast forward 2021, two weeks ago, we were informed that we could now access the said locker,” she added.

When her father opened the locker, it contained just an empty jewellery case.

“We have been robbed of my late mother’s gold which had sentimental value for us,” the 35-year-old said.

An official complain has been filed by Memon and her family but she accused the bank of protecting themselves.

Although, the bank admits that the family should have been allowed access to the locker last year but it has denied any foul play. She also announced to initiate a criminal case for theft against the bank.

Moreover, the software engineer turned journalist wrote that its her civic duty to inform others about such possible theft.

“Please ensure your locker’s safety! Go  check it, especially if it is in the UBL Model Town branch,” she concluded.

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