WATCH: Unknown Masked Men Protest and Hurl Insults Outside Nawaz Sharif’s London House

Sharif family sources said the protesters hurled abuses and swear words in Punjabi.

Around two dozen young men gathered outside Nawaz Sharif’s Avenfield House in London on Sunday evening and yelled slogans against him.

According to footage, over 20 young men in hoods and face masks gathered on Dunraven Street, across from the PML-N leader’s home, to shout “Go Nawaz Go.”

Many of them held A4 sheets with the words “We stand with Pak Army” printed on them, as well as one that read, “Nawaz Sharif is a thief.”


Sharif family sources said the protesters hurled abuses and swear words in Punjabi, and that the Metropolitan Police Service were informed about the incident at 4 pm BST.

By the time the police vehicle had arrived, the crowd had dispersed, leaving behind their posters. The sources said a complaint had been lodged with the Police.

 In a statement to Dawn, the Police said: “Police were called at 16:20 (BST) on the 27th of September to Dunraven Street to reports of a group of people protesting in the street. Officers attended, and the groups were dispersed.”

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  • پاگل کے پچوں نے کل کی کہانی بنا رکھی ہے کہ آنے والے اجتجائیوں نے منہ ڈھانپ رکھے تھے او کھوتیو کرونا ہے کوئی مریم صفدر کے یار تو تھے نہیں کہ منہ چھپا کر آئیں گے غدار پاکستان کو روز آکر گالیاں دیں گے روک سکو تو روک لو

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