VIDEO: The untold truth behind the viral video of a delivery boy getting robbed

Noman has expressed his dissatisfaction with how Foodpanda handled the situation.

A video of two robbers snatching belongings of a food delivery boy and then returning them when he broke down into tears went gone viral on social media. But, what’s the full story behind that video?

Foodpanda’s delivery boy Muhammad Noman opened up about the strange, yet heart-touching incident in an interview with ‘Dialogue Pakistan’.

He said the incident took place at Nazimabad Street No. 1 in Karachi.

When he was about to start his next ride, suddenly two robbers approached him from behind on a motorcycle. They were wearing masks and the person sitting behind was wearing sunglasses and a cap. They started talking to him like they knew him from somewhere.

Then, they snatched his money and mobile.

”I was having little cash in my pocket at that time”, Noman said.

When they were about to go away, Noman began to cry and requested them to return his mobile phone, as it was borrowed from someone else. After his multiple requests, the second robber felt bad and returned the mobile to him. While he was doing so, the first robber told him not to return his phone back to him.

”I then asked them to please let it go”, Noman continued.

Seeing Noman cry like that softened their heart, the two hugged him, returned his stuff, and shook his hands. They told him not to cry. The two placed their hands on his shoulder and said that they too have a heart.

The family kept him at his place to keep him safe

The family Noman had just delivered the order to saw everything that happened through the CCTV camera they had installed outside their gate. They told Noman to come inside after the incident happened, and kept him there for some time to keep him safe.

He then contacted the company, explaining the entire incident to them.

Foodpanda told him to complete his order.

He left the house after 25 minutes and completed the pending order. He later returned home and did not go online after that.

Dissatisfied by how FoodPanda handled the situation

Noman has expressed his dissatisfaction with how Foodpanda handled the situation. He said this was his second week at work, and he was working there part-time since he’s also a student.

”Before hiring they tell you many lies, that you will have insurance and you won’t have a problem”, he said.

Noman is positive that he won’t continue working with the company anymore, especially since they have no regard for their employees’ safety.

Watch the full interview here:

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