Uproar after a video of Indian soldiers humiliating Kashmiri youth goes viral on social media

In the viral footage, a man named Tanveer Ahmad Malik can be seen tied from the neck.

Video footage of Kashmiri youth being humiliated at the hands of Indian forces in the occupied Kashmir has gone viral on social media.

The young man, who India has claimed to be a member of Hizbul Mujahideen, was tied from neck and disrespected. Hizbul Mujahideen is a Jihadi group fighting for the cause of independent Kashmir.

In the viral footage, a man named Tanveer Ahmad Malik can be seen tied from the neck. A soldier tugs away the rope while the other kicks him, saying, ‘Jannat chahiye?’ (Do you want heaven…is that what you want?)

After this, the soldier can be seen loading his rifle and proceeding to shout expletives at him. The video went viral, after which a Twitter account with the name ‘Haider’ shared stills of the scene as well. He added that the Kashmiri student was picked up and harassed without any criminal proceedings against him.

ABP News journalist Vikas Bhaduria also shared the video on his social media handle, claiming that the prisoner was being questioned before taking him into custody.

Indian leading newspaper The Hindustan Time reported that Tanveer Ahmer Malik was arrested in Doda district in a case under Section 120 B, 122 of Indian Penal Code, 7/25 IAA of Unlawful Activities Act.

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  • دہشت گرد زعفرانی فوج نہتے شہریوں کے ماورائے عدالت قتل میں ملوث ہے

  • کچھ نہیں کہا جاسکتا کہ حقیقت کیا ہے۔ کشمیریوں پر بھارتی فوج کے مظالم تو کسی سے ڈھکے چھپے نہیں۔ یہ بھی انہیں کی ایک کڑی معلوم ہوتی ہے۔

  • These guys are our heros
    Pakistan must do something about Kashmir
    how long will we sit silent?

  • Kashmir is disputed territory, it is not indian land as per UN. Indian Army Does not have any right to arrest any kashmiri.  India has made it a war Zone. it is a war crime and should be treated under geneva accord. Insha ALLAH we will come and settle all such war crimes with india.

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