Meet the Urdu Voices behind the Diriliş: Ertuğrul series [PICTURES]

Meet them HERE.

The Turkish show Diriliş: Ertuğrul has become a household name in Pakistan. Over time the audience has appreciated the drama’s incredible cinematography, brilliant storytelling, talented actors, and everything it has to offer.

Although Diriliş: Ertuğrul has ended, Pakistanis still aren’t fully over the drama series. Now the audience is obsessing over the new projects of the lead actors of the drama.

However, many people are curious about the individuals behind the actors and actresses’ local Urdu voice. They are the sole reason Pakistanis have been able to watch and understand the Turkish series.

Here are the voices behind some of our favorite characters from Diriliş: Ertuğrul:

Ehtisham Ul Haq

The talented man behind the voice of our beloved Ertuğrul Ghazi is Ehtisham Ul Haq – a voice-over artist who lent his impressive vocals to many characters on TV.

Rabia Kirani

Vocal artist Rabia Khan has dubbed the voice of Halima Sultan and brought the character to life.

Sara Gill

The fierce voice behind the character or Gokce Hatun aka Roshni is Sara Gill – the local voice-over artist living in Pakistan.

Mohammad Naeem

The voice behind the warrior Turgat Alp is Mohammad Naeem, who is a popular RJ by profession.

Syeda Marium Rizvi

Vocal Artist Syeda Marium Rizvi did justice to the character of devilish Selcan Hatun with her voice-over work in Urdu.

Mohammad Nasir

The fan-favorite character on the show Bamsi Alp has been brought to life by the vocal artist Mohammad Nasir.

Shereen Akhtar

Shereen Akhtar is the lovely voice behind the character of Hayme Hatun in the Urdu-dubbed Turkish drama series.

Asif Ilyas

The local voice artist Asif Ilyas added style and substance to the character of Sadettin Köpek with his voice.

Aiman Zahra

Aiman Zahra lent her voice to two prominent female characters of the show – Hafsa and Aikaz Hatun.

Ali Abbas

Artist Ali Abbas became the voice of Gunduz Alp for the Turkish drama series.

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