US Blogger Calls Pakistan ‘Safe For Women’ – Starts A Fiery Debate

The pictures of US blogger Cynthia D. Ritchie riding the bike on the streets of Peshawar has sparked a hot debate! 

Ritchie has been frequently traveling to Pakistan since 2009 and has shared her experience about the country, which has helped curb the negative image and stereotyping preached across the world. But this time, it initiated a fiery debate.

Ritchie shared a photo of herself riding a bike in Peshawar and captioned it with positive words about how Pakistan is a safe country for women to travel and live in.

But, is it so? The encouragement and admiration that Ritchie got, the eyes that stared her in awe and acceptability – will they be the fate for a local woman as well if she decides to fearlessly ride a bike, without any male company, on her own? Unfortunately, no.

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The same point was brought to notice by Imaan Hazir, who said that Ritchie’s opinion was indeed privileged and the reality is quite different. She maintained, rightfully, that in the wake of recent consequences, political landscape and Pakistan ranked among top 10 most dangerous countries for women due to suppression of rights, stereotyping, dowry deaths, societal norms and son preference being a reality even in 2018.

Here is how people reacted to the differing opinions:

Out of 153 countries ranked for women inclusion, justice and security, Pakistan was ranked among lowest, 150th spot. The figures suggest that women in Pakistan face the highest discrimination and lowest financial inclusion.

Women’s average years of schooling in Pakistan stands at only five years. With that, only 33 per cent of women in Pakistan can use cellphones. Only 24% of Pakistani women are employed, and their share in representation through seats in parliament is only 20%.

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