SHOCKING: US contacts Interpol to stop possible mass shooting incident in Pakistan after a ‘Snapchat’ video

Here's what really happened.

Student pulling gun out of pocket

According to media reports, the Unites States authorities recently approached Interpol to alert Pakistani officials of a possible mass shooting incident inside a Lahore school. Sources state that the US authorities feared the worst after coming across an online video of a Pakistani college student pulling a gun from his bag inside a classroom.

Details of the Video

Hussain Asif, a resident of Canal Housing Society, posted a video on Snapchat in which he is seen pulling a handgun from his bag inside school premises. The US authorities saw the uploaded video and their minds instantly jumped to the worst conclusion due to the country’s history of witnessing mass shootings on campuses.

The US authorities were prompted to contact the interior ministry through Interpol. The International Police officials called for urgent action to stop what they had perceived as a possible shooting incident.

Interpol contacted Pakistan

Interpol forwarded the received information to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) director-general. Noting the gravity of the situation, the FIA director general asked the cybercrime wing in Lahore to take necessary action.

Max examining a toy gun

Plot Twist – the gun turned out to be a Toy

According to reports, a team was formed to detain Hussain Asif, the student carrying the gun. Upon taking hold of the boy, the FIA team discovered that the weapon was a toy.

The young boy had brought the toy gun to school as a joke in an attempt to fool his friends that he would carry a pistol to the college and resort to shooting. To exaggerate the prank, he posted the video on Snapchat with the same message. However, the snap was instantly deleted.

According to FIA sources, the boy went off the grid following the removal of the snap, which strengthened the authorities’ doubts further. Hussain Asif reportedly switched off his phone. His last noted location was at Saadi Park, after which the phone was switched on in Canal Housing Society at around 1 AM.

The consequence of the mischief

FIA officials sent a report of the incident to the US through Interpol, and the boy was released on account of personal surety. No action was taken against the student as the weapon wasn’t real.

However, the authorities took Hussain Asif’s phone into custody to run an internal audit. FIA officials stated that if the student’s phone record contained a clip violating the laws, action would be taken against him.

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  • what fukery is this, thanks to the authorities for taking quick actions, however, the student should be charged, its no joke to bring a gun or a toy for that matter to public places, esp schools.

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