From the archives: Indian firm worker in US calls for rape, trafficking of Kashmiri women, loses job

Ashish Kaul's tweets are a representation of a greater disgusting mindset that the Hindutva ideology portrays

A US-based company has suspended an Indian employee, Ashish Kaul, for his disgusting tweets about Kashmiri women. Development Dimensions International (DDI) suspended Kaul after his tweets calling for the rape and trafficking of Kashmiri women were circulated on social media.

Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir police also registered an FIR at Kothi Bagh police station against Kaul, over “abusive” and “offensive” tweets about Kashmiri Muslims that sparked widespread outrage.

The hate-monger’s views sparked outrage among Twitter users, and they were deleted shortly, but screenshots of the hate speech were widely circulated online. His LinkedIn profile has also been suspended.

Ashish spewed venom against Kashmiri women in a series of tweets saying:

“I love when Kashmiri Muslim women cry on roads-yeh masoom tha, begunah tha! Amarnath Cha thuss ya Aazadi- the proof is in the casualty chart of last 1 year, sorry 28 years! We are killing, maiming and raping you at will! Ha Haaa Cry aloud Aazadi.

The police also said they had asked Twitter for details and the location of the user to prosecute the case.

Ashish Kaul’s tweets reveal a mindset.

Ashish Kaul’s tweets are a representation of a bigger dangerous mindset that the Hindutva ideology portrays. The obsession with capturing ‘fair-skinned Kashmiri women’ is deep-rooted in the doctrine.

Kashmir, according to the Hindutva, has been ‘annexed’  and ‘conquered’ by India, after the abrogation of Article 370. Therefore, people who are native to the land have been ‘defeated’, as this incorporation was against their wishes and in contrast to the tendencies in the Valley to gain independence from India.

Forceful conquests have often lead to a breakdown of morals and modes of social conduct. This is because the generally accepted norms of morality cease to exist, and it is the conqueror who defines morality. So, the Hindutva are also trying their best to implement this strategy in the Valley.

Of course, the code of morality hasn’t collapsed in Kashmir. But Kashmir has been conquered in the Hindutva’s fantasy, inspiring him to believe that he has the unfettered right to the land and the women that are native to it.

The emphasis on “fair-complexion” in the sexist posts about Kashmiri women reflects the inferiority complex of the Hindutva.

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  • We Pashtuns Have Been Doing The Same Thing To You Bhindus for 1000 Years ROFL

  • Ashish Kaul
    جیسے لوگوں کو دیکھ کر Spartacus کا ایک ڈائلاگ یاد آجاتا ہے ،

    His mother was rapped by jackals


  • People like Ashish Kaul reminds me a dilog from Spartacus ” his mother was rapped by jackals”
    They are proving that they are nothing but flith and dirt over the earth .

  • These MF Indian hindus got freedom after 1300 years of humiliating slavery and these ratss cannot just digest it

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