‘US invading US?’ Memes break the internet after Capitol Hill episode

Following the episode, the internet flooded with memes. 

The supporters of ex-US President Trump breached the Capitol in an attempt to stop the final electoral count that would confirm Joe Biden’s win. Pushing through the barriers, the protestors occupied the building where lawmakers had gathered to certify Biden’s win for hours.

Police evacuated the political leaders, leading to a clash between both parties. According to initial reports, the coup attempt was a result of Trump’s speech calling elections ‘stolen’.

The clash between protestors and police went on for hours, leaving four dead. According to a BBC report, Trump supporters were holding placards calling police ‘traitors’ and demanding to show the ballot.

“All we want is for the Capitol police to stand down, and surrender the building to us,” it quoted a Trump supporter”, BBC quoted a Trump supporter. 

Following the episode, the internet flooded with memes.

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