US Muslims Raise $120,000 For Victims Of Pittsburgh Shooting To Promote Inter-Faith Harmony

A memorial outside the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. Eleven people were killed and six injured in the attack on Saturday. Photograph: Cathal McNaughton/Reuters

Anti-semitism is a rising challenge for America’s pluralistic society. A product of such hateful sentiments was Pittsburgh synagogue* shooting, that claimed the lives of 11 people and injured 6. It has been a tough week for America.

Allegedly a man entered the building, shouted ‘all Jews must die’ and opened fire at the people. Among the killed were many holocaust survivors, two brothers and a doctor which was known to keep the HIV patients alive the longest back in the days when the deadly disease had no cure.

*synagogue: a building in which Jews meet for religious worship or instruction.

In the wake of recent events and repetitive hate crimes, people from all religious backgrounds have come forward in a bid to collectively reject the atmosphere of fear and intolerance. To show solidarity with the victims of Pittsburgh shooting and promote interfaith harmony, US Muslims have raised $120,000 for the families of victims and wounded.

Muslim non-profit organizations MPowerChange and CelebrateMercy launched an online campaign to raise money for the victims of the shooting and reached the target of $25000 in first six hours.

The director of CelebrateMercy Tarek El Messidi said that they are sending a powerful message of solidarity to the Jewish community and want to show Islamic faith teaches us to love and tolerance towards all.

“We wish to respond to evil with good, as our Islamic faith teaches us, and send a powerful message of compassion to the Jewish community – our Abrahamic cousins” – said Tarek speaking to The Guardian. 

Tarek added that such hateful activities have no place in America or anywhere across the world. They are collectively sending a message of rejection to bigotry and hatred.

Source: Islamic Center Of Pittsburgh

The Islamic Centre of Pittsburgh will be distributing the collected funds among the affected families in collaboration with Tree of Life synagogue, where the attack took place.

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