US President Trump To Discuss Kashmir Issue During His Meeting With Indian Prime Minister Modi

US President Donald Trump has decided to raise the Kashmir issue and religious freedom in India during his meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The meeting will take place next week. US President will be in India for two days, along with a 12 member delegation.

Both countries will discuss cooperation in key areas, focusing on energy and economics. Other than this, the Kashmir issue, religious freedom and traditions of democracy will also be talked about.

“I think what you will hear from the president is very much encouraging a reduction in tensions between Pakistan and India, encouraging the two countries to engage in bilateral dialogue with each other to resolve their differences”, a senior administration official told news outlets.

Pakistan has been asking the Modi government in India to restart dialogue to discuss and resolve pending issues between the two for a long time now. But, India wasn’t very keen on this offer.

The senior official added that Trump will urge both India and Pakistan to maintain peace and balance along the Line of Control (LoC) and refrain from actions or statements that could cause tension in the region.

Since India withdrew the special autonomy given to Jammu and Kashmir, the government has faced numerous protests and criticism. The US Congress also held Congressional hearings to learn more about Indian atrocities in Kashmir. After some time, the Indian government also enacted a citizenship law that has been regarded as discriminating against Muslims. Keeping all that in view, President Trump will raise such issues with Modi.

The President will also discuss that India should continue its democratic traditions and respect for religious minorities.

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