US pressures Saudi Arabia to attend Israel summit in Abu Dhabi

The high-level meeting would be the first amongst the three parties since Trump informed of the controversial US-brokered deal on the 13th of August.

Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth has revealed that Saudi envoys might arrive in Abu Dhabi this week as the top adviser to US President Donald J. Trump attempts to persuade Saudi Arabia to take part in the signing agreement of the normalization between the UAE and Israel, scheduled for October.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu had previously declared that an Israeli delegation and top aides to Donald Trump would fly together to the Emirati capital on Monday for talks on cementing the two nations’ deal to normalize relations.

Israel allows citizens to visit Saudi Arabia | Dhaka Tribune

The high-level meeting would be the first amongst the three parties since Trump announced the controversial US-brokered deal on the 13th of August.

Palestinians have rejected the deal from across various political spectrums, who dismissed it as tantamount to “treason” and “a stab in the back.”

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“Ahead of the planned event in Washington DC, Kushner and his aides have been working with the Saudi Crown Prince & de facto leader Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) to approve the dispatching of high-ranking Saudi envoys to Abu Dhabi, in parallel with the arrival of the Israeli delegation led by the leader of the National Security Council,” the paper said.

The Middle East Eye has previously revealed that MBS pulled out of a planned visit to the US Capital to meet Netanyahu after he feared that the news had leaked and that his attendance in Washington DC would become a “nightmare.”

Saudi blogger Mohammed Saud, right, during his state-sponsored visit to Israel (Screenshot)

Sources told MEE that Kushner and Trump have been pushing for the meeting to happen in efforts to relaunch MBS’s image as a young Arab peacemaker and shore up regional support for the deal between the UAE and Israel.

As per Yedioth Ahronoth, Riyadh is currently in a disagreement between MBS and his father, King Salman, over normalization.

Saudi Arabia has allowed the first-ever direct commercial flight from Tel Aviv, Israel to Abu Dhabi, UAE, to fly over its airspace. (Photo: GCMap)

Though the king rejects peace agreements with Israel, MBS “displays much greater openness, but has yet to give his consent to the move.”

Nevertheless, Kushner and MBS’s relationship has already led the Saudis to accept the passage of Monday’s El Al flight to the Emirati capital over Saudi airspace, a first in history, the paper added.

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