US secret service is not receptive at Imran Khan’s statement about staying at ambassador’s

  • PM Imran Khan will meet US President by July 22.
  • He said to stay at the envoy’s residence during his days’ long visit.
  • US secret service is not assertive of the PM’s desire to stay at the ambassador’s residence; Dawn.
PM Imran Khan will meet Donald Trump on July 22 during his three days visit to the US – photo source Imran Khan’s Facebook page.

PM Imran Khan is scheduled to meet the US President Donald Trump on July 22, says the Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr. Muhammad Faisal. Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed his desire to stay at the Pakistani ambassador’s official residence during his visit to the United States of America instead of staying in expensive hotels as per media reports.

Staying at the ambassador’s residence will considerably reduce the cost of his official visit but neither the US secret service nor the city administration appears very receptive to the idea, Dawn reported as of today.

The report also added that the US secret service takes over the security of visiting dignitaries as soon as they land in the US and the city administration ensures that the visit doesn’t cause any interruptions to the local traffic of the capital. Hundreds of leaders belonging to different countries visit the United States of America every year.

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Pakistani ambassador’s residence is in the heart of Washington’s diplomatic enclave with around a dozen embassies within the same area. Imran Khan, like any other visiting dignitary, will hold a number of meetings with US officials, lawmakers, and media persons so official traveling might disrupt the traffic flow.

Any closure to the street will cause disruptions to the traveling of ambassadors and others living in the area during the three days long visit of Imran Khan, report further read. Owing to these logistics and security issues, visiting heads of the states have to stay in any one of the hotels that are endorsed with special arrangements for these visiting dignitaries.

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