A step in the right direction: US Travel Advisory admires improved security situation in Pakistan

The Travel Advisory was issued by the US State Department on 31st January 2020.

In its latest ‘Travel Advisory’, the US State Department has recognized and admired the improvement in Pakistan’s security environment.

The Travel Advisory was issued by the US State Department on 31st January 2020. In it, the department has acknowledged the improved security condition in the country.

“Pakistan’s security environment has improved since 2014 when Pakistani security forces undertook concerted counter-terrorism and counter militant operations”, the Travel Advisory read.

“There are greater security resources and infrastructure in the major cities, particularly Islamabad, and security forces in these areas may be more readily able to respond to an emergency compared to other areas of the country. While threats still exist, terrorist attacks are rare in Islamabad”, it added.

Foreign Office spokesperson Aisha Farooqui, in a statement, said that Pakistan has noted the recognition it has received from the US Travel Advisory. It considers this a step in the right direction.

She continued that Pakistan has made endless efforts to improve the security situation throughout the country. Due to this, the United Nations has re-designated Islamabad as a family station for its personnel.

Previously, the United Kingdom also took notice of the steps taken by Pakistan and revised its Travel Advisory. Other European countries like Norway and Portugal also made positive decisions in this regard. This shows the amount of confidence these countries have in Pakistan’s security environment.

The award-winning ‘Conde Nast Traveller’ magazine declared Pakistan as one of the ‘Best Holiday Destinations for 2020’.

“With Pakistan’s liberal visa regime and conducive environment for tourism, we are confident that a larger number of tourists from all over the world would be traveling to Pakistan”, Aisha Farooqui said.

“People of Pakistan are ready to welcome foreign tourists in the country”, the spokesperson continued.

She further said that the improved security situation will benefit the country in terms of economic activities and foreign investments.

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