USA Vlogger Is Enjoying Pakistani Food In Lahore and People Love It

Pakistan was ranked the top travel destination for the year by the British Backpacking Society and we can’t simply ignore the role of social media influencers in it.

Plagued by deteriorating security situation further amplified by media profiling, Pakistanis have often come off as an extremist, unwelcoming and society soceity to the outsiders and hence became an unpopular tourist spot despite being gifted with such natural scenic beauty.

One of them is Mark Wiens, a Thailand based American food and travel vlogger, who is in Pakistan on a 16-day trip. In his visit, he recorded videoes, narrated his experience about the food and also wrote a travel guide suggesting people about what to look forward to and expect from their journey (especially the food) to Pakistan.

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Recently, Wiens released the episode in which he takes a trip across Lahore’s famous food street, trying the magnificent Lahori desi food. Mark says that during his trip, he has met some of the most hospitable and helpful people in the country. With appreciating the scenic beauty of the country, he specifically complimented the food we offer.

During his trip, Mark visited he visited Gujranwala, Kot Yousef, Islamabad, Lahore, Skardu, Shigar, Deosai, Gilgit, Hunza Valley, Mardan, Peshawar, Khunjerab Pass, and Karachi. He made the most out of his trip and travelled to all key cities, showing the world beauty of Pakistan.

Throughout his food vlog, his expression spoke for his experience! He thoroughly enjoyed every single food item he tried and people loved watching him as well.

PTI-led Government has been very determined to increase their tourist influx, and have encouraged people to explore the land as well. Ever since Wiens started his journey, Government of Pakistan warmly welcomed him and so did the people.

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