‘I am in no position to question’ – Ushna Shah apologizes for her dehumanizing tweet against doctors

Her statement about the medical staff met a lot of criticism for being ‘insensitive’.

Renowned actress, Ushna Shah, faced a lot of backlash for ‘dehumanizing’ doctors. In her viral tweet, she said that she came across some videos of doctors dancing between work shifts and thinks it is a wastage of time.

Her statement met a lot of criticism for being ‘insensitive’. The social media community said that the Pakistani doctors have been working tirelessly, risking their own lives in the fight against COVID-19 and they deserved refreshing breaks.

It didn’t take Ushna long to realize her mistake. She then posted a heartfelt apology, saying sorry to the medical professionals and thanked them for their hard work.

Ushna stated that she wants to apologize and clarify her statement that has caused offense. She added that she had been concerned about hospitals being understaffed and the current staff over-working.

She apologized for any offense she may have caused. Ushna said that she was in no position to question what the nurses and doctors do to ‘take the edge off’.

Here’s what she had to say:

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