Usman Basra calling Shafaat Ali a ‘meerasi’ initiates a much-needed debate!

This needs to stop NOW.

Despite the fact that we spend most of our day sitting in front of the TV screens, our utmost disrespect towards our artists reflects our hypocritic behavior. Recently such debate was followed by Usman Saeed Basra’s comment about Pakistani impressionist and comedian Shafaat Ali.

After the news of former PMLN leader Shehbaz Sharif testing positive for COVID-19 broke, Shafaat sent him best wishes and speedy recovery on his Twitter account. However, this irked spokesperson of the Punjab government and Secretary Information PTI Punja Usman Saeed Basra, who called Ali a ‘meerasi’.

Meerasi is a commonly used slur and a derogatory term used to refer to artists in Pakistan. This implied the profession to be less respectful.

Not stopping here, Basra went on to make another derogatory comment.

People from showbiz and journalist fraternity stepped forward in Shafaat’s support.

Artists have always played a significant role, particularly in the phases of hopelessness and gloominess. They entertain us with their performances, inspire hope with their stories, and make our lives better with their talent.

However, despite them playing a vital role in our lives and us following their every move, we hate to show respect to them publicly. We never acknowledge their efforts unless they are no longer with us.

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  • Yeah aisay hi haramzaday PTI ko lay doobay hayn aur agay bhi lay doobayn gay….. PTI k kisi bhi loyal worker ya supporter say Chohan , GIll aur aisay Khusray, sorry Basray ka poocho, tou wo afsos hi karayga k yeah wo Tabdeeli tou nhi jiska hum nay khawab dekha tha, yeah chawal tou Nooni tarjamano say bi gaye guzray hayn. Khan saab ko bhi Allah hidayat day aur Fawad Ch ko Allah ya CM ya PM of Pakistan banwa day, kuch tou tabdeeli ka shaiba nazar aaye…

  • By idealizing actors & actresses libtards have already morally corrupted the society.

  • میراثی ہی کہا ہے حالانکہ یہ اس سے آگی کی چیز ہیں یعنی خاں  ک……صاحب  

  • کیسی بھی پیشیے پروفیشن میں اچھے اور برے لوگ ہوتے ہیں آپ ان حرام خوروں کو جو کہ اپنے پروفیشن میں رہتے ہوئے حرام خوری کرتے ہیں ان کو شیطان کے چیلے کہا جا سکتا ھے کیسی بھی پیشے سے وابستہ لوگوں کو حرام خوروں کا ساتھی شیطان کا چیلا یا شیطان کا سینگ نہیں کہا جا سکتا۔

  • LoL hmaray liberals ka almiya…no body noticed what this meerassi said but everyone went after the word meerassi…RIP our aqal

  • سوری شفقت۔ آپ کو میراثی بولا، حالانکہ آپ ایک حرام خور کے دلال ہیں۔ اب خوش؟

  • At the person at official position must take extra care.


    And look at that idiot Fakhre Aalam, he directly had made complaint to IK. For God Sake, it is just one complaint to a father for his kids wrong doing.


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