Usman Basra And Tehzeeb Bakers Controversy – A Shameful Example Of Social Media Misuse

The influence of social media often comes under question as the credibility and impact remain a point of concern for everyone. But a medium of transference of news that is more frequently used now is the social media, where the information floats unfiltered without any check of right or wrong.

An acutely distressing example in this regard was put forward by PTI representative Usman Basra, who constructed a fake video to discredit ex-PM Nawaz Sharif. A few days back, a video went viral on social media where Basra was interviewing a Tehzeeb Bakers employee, asking him about Nawaz Sharif’s visit to the famed bakery.

The interviewee expresses his deep resentment with his experience and claimed that he was treated rather unjustly and was kicked out with Sharif’s entourage. He said that they had planned slogans and a warm welcome for him, but they were pushed away by his staff members and weren’t allowed to participate.
In the concocted interview, Usman is seeing casually asking questions that gave a more realistic vibe to the show. The supposed employee also claims that Sharif had no conversations with the customers, which is being said by him, but instead those were his own people that he brought with himself.

The staged interview was exposed and the bakery employee came up with a public apology, accepting that he lied and it was all planned.

The case, though not the first and certainly not the last of its nature, brings our attention to manipulation of social media at the hands of representatives of change as well, which is quite harrowing.

The platform it provides is to allow equal voice to everyone without any restriction or discrimination, but the discussions and transference of knowledge should strictly be based on established true facts, rather than incredible fake interviews. For those especially who have a bigger impact and following like Usman Basra himself, it’s shameful to misuse the platform and mislead people by fabricating untruthful stories.

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