Usman Buzdar Serves Legal Notice To Irshad Bhatti Over the News Of His Second Marriage

Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar has sent legal notice to Irshad Bhatti over the news of his second marriage. The legal notice from Usman Buzdar was sent after the journalist claimed that Chief Minister Punjab has gotten married for the second time.

Chief Minister Punjab has denied the news regarding his second marriage. The legal notice reads that Irshad Bhatti maliciously painted Usman Buzdar and his family as both morally and financially corrupt.

Usman Buzdar’s lawyer in the notice states that Irshad Bhatti’s false claims have damaged his client’s reputation and have also lowered him in the estimation of others.

Usman Buzdar has demanded Irshad Bhatti to apologize within fourteen days in the same program and at the same airtime. Moreover, Chief Minister Punjab has also asked Mr. Bhatti to pay him twenty five crore rupees as damages. Usman Buzdar has warned to pursue further legal action against the journalist incase he doesn’t act as demanded in the legal notice.

Earlier, in Geo TV’s program Report Card, Irshad Bhatti had claimed that Usman Buzdar had gotten married for the second time. Irshad Bhatti had also leveled other allegations against Chief Minister Punjab and his family.


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  • Sometimes Bhatti does say silly things trying to balanace pti, Pmln , ppp if pti is better and clean the. He should stick to it instead of coming with fake news

  • i do listen to irshad bhatti with interest, but i do not think what he said about usman buzdar was needed to be said and also not proper.

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