All you need to know about Usman Mukhtar’s wife [PICTURES]

Zunaira has a series of achievements attached to her name.

Usman Mukhtar marries Zunaira Inam Khan.

Recently, the beloved film and TV actor of the Pakistani entertainment industry, Usman Mukhtar, took to Instagram to share delightful news. The actor shared that he tied the knot on Wednesday.

While sharing his wedding news with fans and followers on social media, Usman Mukhtar allowed people a glimpse into the beautiful Nikkah ceremony. The Sabaat star uploaded breathtaking pictures from his socially distanced wedding event.

Here are some pictures of Usman Mukhtar’s socially distanced Nikkah ceremony:

As soon as the wedding pictures were shared online, they went viral. Fans started gushing over the pure and delightful nuptials. The fan-favorite moment of Usman Mukhtar‘s wedding was when Usman read a heartfelt note for his other half, thanking her for making him the luckiest man on earth.

Who is Usman Mukhtar’s better half?

The name of Usman Mukhtar’s wife is Zunaira Inam Khan. And this woman has a series of achievements attached to her name. Zunaira did a double Master’s in International Law & International Relations from the University Of Western Sydney. She is an Associate Research Analyst at the Institute of Regional Studies. Along with all that, it is said that Zunaira has a meme page named “Millennial Rants”.

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