Everything you need to know about Uzma Khan and Malik Riaz’s daughters’ controversy

In the video, a woman accuses the actor of allegedly having an affair with someone named 'Usman'.

Actor Uzma Khan filed a complaint against the daughters of real estate developer Malik Riaz after the women broke into her house with gunmen.

In a statement, the actor wrote that she had been shamed, harassed, and even received death threats for the past three days. She adds that she has got nothing to lose and will continue to struggle for justice by fighting one of the most influential people in Pakistan.

“I will fight against daughters (Amber Malik & Pashmina Malik) of Malik Riaz, who stormed into my house around midnight with 12 men,” she added.

Uzma’s statement came after a viral video on social media showed the actor and her sister being harrassed at by the daughters of Malik Riaz and 12 guards.

In the video, a woman accuses the actor of allegedly having an affair with someone named ‘Usman’.

The gunmen were then seen harassing, and surrounding the actor, while one of the women can be seen beating her with a shoe and vandalizing her home at the same moment.

Another video showed the actor’s home being vandalized, and blood on the tiles of the house.

The actor posted on social media with her police complaint evidence and appealed that a medical check-up is urgently needed for her and her sister.

Not long after Uzma’s statement, a woman Amna Usman, who called herself the wife of the said Usman, issued a video claiming that her husband Usman Malik was not related to Malik Riaz.

She further added that she did not enter Uzma Khan’s house, and it was her husband’s second home. She claimed that she did this all just to save her 13-year-long marriage.

She then went on to say her husband is to be blamed the most and that she has left him.

Lahore’s Capital City Police Officer Zulfiqar Hameed informed that an FIR was registered after they received a complaint from the actor.

Malik Riaz has denied all involvement.

The business tycoon threatened to file a defamation lawsuit against anyone trying to “wrongfully implicate” him.

Press Conference:

Uzma Khan and her sister held a press conference today at Lahore Press Club with their lawyer. They clarified that the incident took place on Chand Raat (eve of Eid-Ul-Fitr) at DHA Phase VI residence in Lahore.

According to the actress, it was the end of her Aitikaaf and when she got up and came out of her room, Usman Malik was already present at her residence unannounced and five minutes later, the women barged in and assaulted them.

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  • Absolutely agreed with the narrative of Usman wife …. Pakistan police is 99% right when they show resistance in officially registering the FIR …. here the police knows that these model girls were basically prostitutes and call girls and doing party and other women is angry just because they are RUINING and DESTROYING her 13 yr old marriage !!

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