Former Pakistan vice-captain asked to work as peon following overhaul of domestic cricket

A number of young cricketers have lost their jobs as result of new regulations.



In another heartwrenching story, former Pakistan U-19 vice-captain Sajawal Riaz has been asked to work as a peon following the overhaul of domestic cricket in Pakistan. Due to recent developments, a number of young, ambitious cricketers have lost their jobs and are now struggling to make the ends meet.

After the new domestic structure was announced, the hardships of players in Pakistan have further increased. If it continues this way, Pakistan’s cricket sphere will a downfall as not many talented players will prefer to be part of it.

After the story of Fazal Subhan went viral, another one is storming the social media. Fazal was the player of HBL, he has played U19 & A side cricket for Pakistan. He was a contender for Pakistan’s test team but after the closing of departmental cricket, the 31 years old now drives a pick-up truck to meet his expenses.

After Fazal, Sajawal has now been offered a job as a peon at ZTBL. The young cricketer was part of ZTBL’s cricket team when PCB decided to abolish departmental cricket. The 21 years old Sajwal belong from Rawalpindi and was once captain of the country’s under-19 cricket team.

Sports journalist Shoaib Jatt shared the news on Twitter, expressing his disappointment on how Pakistan is handling its talented pool.

SAJAWAL RIAZ was the vice-captain of Pakistan U-19 team, he has played all junior-level cricket for Pakistan, ZTBL hired him but after departmental cricket closed they asked him to join the office as PEON.
پاکستان کلر کی اب یہ عزت رہ گئی ہے
سجاول کا تعلق راولپنڈی سے ہے

The situation of these young cricketers is not only heart-wrenching but also extremely demotivating. If this is how PCB will continue to handle its talent, not many youngsters will prefer to be a part of Pakistan’s sports sphere.

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  • that’s good in a way. these poor people play cricket as a job. Which is not good when they play at the national level. They take bribes and do stupid things

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