Victim of alleged gang-rape in Haripur gives birth to a stillborn through an illegal abortion

Victim's father said that despite being nominated in the FIR, the police not only failed to arrest the suspect but also helped him escape. 

In a bone-chilling incident of sexual assault, an alleged victim of gang-rape gave birth to a stillborn trough an illegal abortion in Haripur. The suspects raped the victim for 9 months, leaving her pregnant. Her parents came to know when her health started to deteriorate during the eighth month of pregnancy.

The father of the 16-year-old victim registered a case against suspect Rafaqat and his accomplices at the Saddar police station. Speaking to a media outlet, the victim’s father said that the police is trying to hush the matter because the alleged criminal is an influential person.

He said that despite being nominated in the FIR, the police not only failed to arrest the suspect but also helped him escape.

The victim was threatened with dire consequences:

The complainant said that he took his daughter to the doctor after she complained about abdominal pain, where her pregnancy was found out. The abusers threatened her of dire consequences if she told anyone, hence she stayed silent out of fear.

The doctor demanded Rs. 5000 for abortion. Despite them paying the amount, she then asked for gold worth Rs. 10,000 to perform it despite the fact that the victim’s health was worsening. The doctor then handed over the abortion to a midwife identified as Mahjabeen.

Mahjabeen then admitted her at the Dhainda district headquarters hospital on her own ID card and carried out the abortion.

Victim’s father said that the suspect promised to marry his daughter and later blackmailed her into having sex with him and his friends. Haripur District Police Officer Syed Ashfaq Anwar took notice of the incident and assured that the culprits behind this heinous crime would be arrested soon.

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  • Shame for our whole police and judicial system who took Sou Moto on politics base cases but not for on humane..poor peoples..If this case is true..then criminals must hanged.

  • Gvt passed the rule to hang rapist publicly but no implementation ,corrupt police, corrupt politicians , cannot expect justice in Pakistan.

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