VIDEO | 19 Months Old Heeba Jan, Recent Victim Of India’s Pellet Gun Attack

19 months old Heeba Jan has become the youngest victim of pellet induced eye injuries in India administered Kashmir. The ordeal of the minor kid has again initiated the long, silent discussions on the brutal use of pellet guns by Indian forces.

After visiting the doctor, when Heeba returned home and her neighbour Amina Rather tried to kiss the child’s cheeks, she aggressively escaped, trying to rub her injured eye with her hands while her mother prevented it.
Her mother, Marsala Jan says that the kid has yet to undergo another surgery and a lengthly treatment, while requesting everyone to pray for her speedy recovery. But this will not be the only operation she needs. Heeba’s doctor, Saleem Tak told the BBC that after the second surgery, they will be able to properly assess her eye.

However, they are not very hopeful and say that she may lose most of the vision in the eye. The viral pictures have angered the internet community across the world, who have called out Indian forces for their pellet-led brutailities in the region.

People have taken to Twitter to condemn it:

Pellet guns are sort of shotguns that are frequently used by Police as a non-lethal weapon to control protests in India administered Kashmir, since the year 2010. Pellet guns are normally used for hunting animals.

The gun fires cluster of round shaped small pellets, resembling iron balls at a very high velocity. Atleast 17 people have lost their lives to pellet guns during 2016 and 2017, while an estimated 3,000 have sustained serious eye injuries. Approximately 3800 cases of pellet gun injuries have been registered with State Human Rights Commission. However, Mohmmad Ashraf Wani, Head of PVWT (Pellet Victims Welfare Trust) says that the number soars much higher.

”There are hundreds, who because of fear of security forces, don’t register themselves at all” – he said.


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