[VIDEO] 33-year-old Junaid Jamshed had completely different dreams and desires

In the interview, the 33-year-old artist talks about how his band, Vital Signs, has reached exemplary heights, and he aspires to take it further.

Some remember Junaid Jamshed as a heartthrob 90s popstar, while many look back on him as the evangelist he later became. However, we all remember the icon for the person he was beneath it all.

It has been four years since Junaid Jamshed died in a plane crash. However, his memory grows more substantial, with fans still chanting Junaid’s heartfelt ballad Dil Dil Pakistan or followers listening to his Islamic bayaan.

Recently, a 1997 interview of Junaid Jamshed surfaced on the internet, which took Pakistanis into Junaid’s solo music career many years back.

In the interview, the 33-year-old artist talks about how his band, Vital Signs, had reached exemplary heights, and how he aspired to take it further.

Speaking about Vital Signs’ initial stardom, Junaid Jamshed said:

We were all initially aimless as far as the musical direction was concerned. The first time we did Dil Dil Pakistan was in August 1987. It has been ten years to that. It was a great experience throughout, though initially, we had no idea where we were headed. We just played music that came to us. Before we did Dil Dil Pakistan, we used to play cover tunes by Western bands. But once we did this album and the way it was received, it gave us an idea of where to go, and the rest was history.

The confident Junaid elaborated further on his musical future and exclaimed:

I am yearning for a catalyst that can push me in a totally different direction. I have done about five albums now. Circumstances and relationships play a big part in how you mold your music. Right now, I need something that could propel me in a direction that is different from what we are doing. Though, I would like to believe that even with all the new artists coming to my country, the music that I make would still have a niche in society.

The most exciting part of the interview was when Junaid Jamshed revealed his desire to become an actor on the big screen. Regarding his plans, he said:

I am working on a film which is a small diversion from what I have been doing. I have been making music for the last ten years now. I only recently realized I always wanted to act; I always wanted to be a prominent screen artist. When I come to (US) the next time, I want to arrive with something unseen and completely different.

Concluding the explanation of his dreams, Junaid said:

It is a big step that I am going to take. I don’t know. It is like jumping into deep water. It could turn out good for me, or maybe it could fire back as a bad idea.

Watch the full interview here:


Regardless, it seems that fate had different plans for Junaid Jamshed. While his big acting step never happened, he did step into the heart and soul of every Pakistani and will continue to reside in there for generations to come.

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  • Never seen a great person like him how his life changed and went to Almighty Allah’s path proudly,,I know you are in heaven a place that Allah almighty make for his bnde like respected Junaid Jamshaid❤❤❤

  • The word, ‘evangelist’, used here in this article to describe Junaid Bhai as a religious preacher isn’t appropriate, for this word is originated and being used in Christianity.

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