[VIDEO] A little touch of Star Plus? Pakistani drama reintroduces character with a new face after ‘surgery’

Quite unexpected!

After about 40 episodes of Nand wreaking havoc, she is back with yet another face.

After causing severe damage to the lives of those close to her, Gohar (Faiza Hasan) was met with deserved comeuppance after she was exposed and was left to survive on the streets. This turn of events convinced the audience that the drama was nearing its conclusion.

However, as proved by the recently aired episode, the creators had planned on something, and Nand is officially back in the business.

After Gohar was admitted to the hospital when Saqib (Shehroz Sabzwari) found her, she went through an accident that obliterated her face and she became unrecognizable. For this reason, Gohar had to receive reconstructive surgery.

The surgery changed her face completely. Nand is now back with a different face (Faiza is no longer starring as Gohar), and is being played Javeria Saud.

Javeria told the reason why she chose to replace Faiza in the serial in a recent interview.

she said, “It occurs in life. A person does many things and then abandons them. For many years I have left acting in the sense that I have not worked for other production houses. I only worked in my own production house JS.”

“Prior to this, I worked for a Humayun production in drama serial Anna, and now 20 years later I am working on Fahad Mustafa’s production,” she added, “I really appreciate this character and Faiza has played it quite well.”

Saud further said, “When I was contacted for the character, I discussed with Saud and he allowed me to do whatever I want.”

Nand is one of the hot-topic dramas airing on Pakistani television channel ARY. It has gained a lot of popularity because of its highly stimulating plot.

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