Video | Aamir Liaquat Makes Shockingly Insensitive Comment About Irrfan Khan’s Death

Aamir Liaquat Hussain is best known for his controversial comments.

TV host turned politician, Aamir Liaquat Hussain, is best known for making controversial statements.

Recently, he made another shocking statement on live TV when he joked about the death of Bollywood megastar Irrfan Khan on his show, Jeevay Pakistan.

Here’s What Happened:

Pakistan’s showbiz star, Adnan Siddiqui, appeared as a guest on his show. The two spoke about different things from personal life to showbiz. Adnan Siddiqui was left in shock when Aamir Liaquat said that two people owe their lives to you, Rani Mukherjee and Bipasha Basu.

Adnan Siddiqui didn’t know what the host was talking about until he explained himself.

“You worked in Mom and Sri Devi died, you worked with Irrfan Khan as well and he passed away,” he said.

“You were offered roles in Mardaani 2 and Jism 2 but you declined, so the actors of that movie owe their life to you,” he added.

Watch The Video: 

Adnan Siddiqui was shocked to hear such insensitive comments about the recent death of Irrfan Khan. Replying to the statement, the Mere Paas Tum star replied that it wasn’t something to joke about.

Even more shocking was the clapping and background music as Aamir Liaquat cracked these insensitive jokes.

Following Irrfan Khan’s tragic death, just like other celebrities from the showbiz fraternity, Adnan Siddiqui had paid tribute to the actor in a long Instagram post.

Siddiqui recalled his experience of working with Khan in Hollywood production A Mighty Heart (2007) alongside Angelina Jolie.

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“Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un”….. "Verily we belong to God, and verily to Him do we return."! . . . Disturbed and gutted!! A fine soul gone too soon. I had the honour of first meeting Irrfan as a co-star on the sets of ‘A Mighty Heart.’ For one of the scenes after learning his lines I saw him doing the scene again and again which left me puzzled. I asked him, Irrfan Sahab ye kya kar rahe hain aap? He replied- We’re both playing CID agents which means we’ll be showing our ID cards everywhere. I’m practicising the scene so I don’t look clumsy while showing the ID card. And that was the first time I realised what a fine actor he was. We’d become friends on the sets and used to hang out together after the shoot. I remember for another scene, he wanted to know a word in Urdu used commonly in Pakistan and he asked me. He was a great actor but didn’t shy away from learning and perfecting his art. One of the evenings, he shared an incident where him and his friend got the role of an extra actor in James Bond series “Octopussy” which was shot in India. But because they cycled to the set, they were late and the shoot was over. He told me since then he wanted to do a Hollywood movie. Our careers in Hollywood started together, but he proved his mettle and conquered the fort. In 2018 while attending IPPA in London. I found out that he was in London, though he wasn’t meeting anyone he agreed to meet me. We had a long chat about movies and world in general. He looked so positive. His last words were- “Adnan, I’ll be fine very soon and I’ll be back. InshAllah”! Who knew today, I would be penning this note. Condolences and strength to his family. Irrfan, you will be missed a lot. Rest in peace my friend.?

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  • Amer Liaquat has no moral sense…..he is a fake n frustrated personality….

  • There is nothing wrong with making jokes about
    Irrfan Khan as Irrfan made many insulting remarks during Jurassic movie about muslims as an Indian.

    • Really there is nothing wrong in cracking jokes about a person’s death just becoz he said something in a movie abt Muslims? Sorry to say our religion doesnt teach us such disgraceful things….it is ppl like you who disgrace our religion by passing such unethical comments. Unfortunately Muslims like You have let Islam down. Our Allah and Our Prophet has never taught us such disgraceful acts…we are always guided to pray for Maghfirat for the deceased and not make fun of it. We all have to end up in graves ….so fear that and STOP making fun of Islam by making such stupid comments.

  • yeh bnda ghtiya h or ghtiya he rhy ga,pakistan ka chichora tareen anchor h yeh amir liaqut

  • Amir is joker and shameless person nothing more to describe him his just asslicker

  • اس کی اپنی آواز سے لگ رہا ہے کہ یہ تھوڑے دن ہے دوسروں کی موت پر کیا ہنسے گا؟

  • yeh Amir liaquat mar denay k kabil ha. is sey bara cheapster bai paida huwa abhi tak. ghatyya admi

  • Amir Liaquat shame on you kuch to Sharm karo, kisi ke marne pe unki maza udana aur kisi ko bolna ke aapne jo movie me kaam kiya woh mar gaye aur jinke saath na kiya woh Bachh gaye. Kaise comment karte ho aap,saabit kardiya aapne ke kuch pakistani chichore hote hai.

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