VIDEO | Abdul Aziz, the hero who chased away the Christchurch shooter

Photo by AFP

The Christchurch shooting made every humane heart cry regardless of religion or national affiliation. With the extent of how horrifying the incident was, prompt action and the way the leadership of New Zealand stood with the country’s minority actually set an example for us to follow.

After this incident, the small, beautiful and multi-cultural land found another hero with the name Abdul Aziz. Aziz used a credit card scanning machine and the gunman’s spent weapon as he confronted the attacker and chased him away before he could cause more deaths.

Abdul Aziz was born in Afghanistan but is an Australian citizen. He lived in Sydney for 27 years. Aziz was inside the Lindwood mosque with four of his children when this deadly incident occurred. He could see and hear what happened when the gunman opened fire.

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“I was screaming at the guy, ‘come over here, come over here’ – I just wanted to put his focus on me,” – Aziz told.
“When he saw me with the shotgun in my hands, he dropped the gun and ran away toward his car. I chased him. He sat in his car and with the shotgun in my hands, I threw it through his window like an arrow. He just swore at me and took off.” – he added.
Abdul Aziz was hailed as a hero by mosque’s imam  Latef Alabi. Alabi said that the death could have been much higher if Aziz wouldn’t acted promptly and took all in his capacity to help the situation.

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