Video: Acid attack victim forgives husband before breathing her last

In a heart-wrenching incident in Lahore, acid attack victim forgives husband for the sake of their children before breathing her last.


  • Acid attack victim from Lahore forgives her own attacker for the sake of her children. 
  • Nazia Bibi was attacked by her husband Waheed over a minor domestic dispute. 
  • She forgave her husband for her children, whose wellbeing concerned her even on death bad. 
  • Nazia sustained countless wounds and unfortunately succumbed to her injuries. 

Nazia, an acid attack victim, forgives her attacker who was also her husband for the sake of her children. She engaged in a minor domestic dispute with her husband Waheed, who threw acid on her. 

The couple has four children together, the youngest one being only four years of age. Even on death bed, Nazia was worried for her youngest son who struggles with his health. She said if her husband will be punished, her children will be left helpless. So she forgave him if he commits to taking full responsibility for their children. 


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The couple’s youngest son struggles with his health and is undergoing medical treatment in hospital. Waheed, while speaking to media, said that they got married 18 years ago and the cause of the domestic abuse was a minor misunderstanding.

While crying and regretting, Waheed said he made a mistake and prays for the forgiveness of his wife, while he himself does not deserve forgiveness. He said he can’t face his own children now.

However, the police officials said that he accepted his crime. The court will decide the fate of the criminal now. While the victim forgave him, the court will determine whether he will be punished or let go. But since due to the severity of the case, the state itself is also the stakeholder and the authority to determine punishment does not reside with the victim alone.


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