Video: Actress Mahira Khan fulfills a cancer patient’s wish

Mahira Khan surprised the young cancer patient in Indus Hospital.


In a heartwarming gesture, Mahira Khan surprised a young cancer patient Nida in Indus Hospital as her wish was to meet and talk to the star actress. She reached out to the child when she heard that it is her wish to meet her.

The hospital runs on funds and donations and provides patients with free medical assistance. Mahira thanks the hospital administration for letting her know and inviting her over, giving her a chance to play her part in making the girl happy.

“Mahira Khan came to the Indus Hospital to visit Nida, a cancer patient whose wish was to meet the actress. A huge thank you to Mahira for making Nida’s wish come true” – The Indus Hospital said in a social media statement. 

Following it, the Pakistani star shared her experience in a one-minute long video:

“I would like to thank you (Nida). Because of her, I’m here. I’m very grateful for it. I’ve heard so much about Indus hospital and now I’ve seen it. I’m amazed by the way the staff of this hospital takes care of the kids. So I hope I can come here more often. I hope I can help you in any way that’s possible.” – Mahira Khan said. 

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She continued saying that is not only about Nida. Mahira said that Nida is a strong girl who only gets weak she sees her mother crying.

“Nida is a strong strong girl. She said she only gets weak when she sees her mother cry for her… Anyone reading this pray for Nida and her family. May all her wishes come true. May she be blessed with health and happiness Ameen.” – she said.

People lauded Mahira for her heartwarming and loving gesture:

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