Video: Afghan UFC fighter chokes Israeli Opponent who called him a terrorist

Basharat defeated his opponent by third-round guillotine choke.

Javid Basharat defeated his Oron Kahlon after he called him a terroristAfghan MMA fighter Javid Basharat defeated his Israeli opponent, Oron Kahlon, who had called him a terrorist just before their fight. The Afghan fighter greatly impressed the UFC boss Dana White, who handed the Afghan athlete a contract.

Things got heated up when the Israeli fighter called Javid Basharat a “terrorist” at the conclusion of their face off at the weigh-ins for Dana White’s Contender Series. Talking about Kahlon’s slur, the Afghan fighter said that his opponent had just wanted to get in his head, but he remained calm.

Basharat defeated his opponent by using a third-round guillotine choke. He now has 11 victories from 11 fights, which includes five knockouts and six submissions.

Dana White called Javid Basharat “mean” and “nasty.” The UFC boss was all praise for the “nasty” Afghan fighter.

He said: “The entire fight he was going for the finish. He destroyed him. He did whatever he wanted to do to him, whenever he wanted to do it.”

He welcomed Basharat to the UFC. White added that he was blown away by the entire performance.

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