[Video] – Amma responds to Bushra Ansari after she calls her ‘paindu, jaahil, corona’

The drama between both picked heat after Amma criticized Ansari's drama serial Zebaish.

The online show, Amma TV Aur Mein, hosted by Momin Ali Munshi, has taken everyone by storm. In the past few months, the show has earned many Pakistani fans.

The host of the show is also the founder of Galaxy Lollywood, an online entertainment portal, whereas his mother, Amma Lubna Faryad, is famous for her most candid and hilarious drama reviews.

Amma has earned a lot of credibility among the masses for speaking what the public thinks, and also for her unbiased reviews.

The most prominent and loved factor about the show is the fact that Amma reviews dramas in her mother language Punjabi which connects with people on a very different level.

In one of the episodes, Amma criticized the new drama serial Zebaish. She asserted that the direction and writing of the drama are poor and pathetic. Amma also highlighted that everyone’s acting in the drama in quite exaggerated.

However, recently the Pakistani television actress Bushra Ansari lost the endurance to take constructive criticism and passed a nasty comment on Amma’s video. She called her ‘paindu, jahil, Corona’, and even wished death to Amma.

Many celebrities and the public came forward in support of Amma after the incident.
After Bushra Ansari’s harsh judgment, Amna took to YouTube and formally addressed the points Bushara raised instead of engaging in petty name-calling.
Amma thanked everyone for supporting her and criticized Bushra for her poor choice of words.

Here we have the video of Amma:

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  • I heard all of AMMA’s videos posted in which she is shown as a critic, I don’t know her and I don’t mean to disrespect her, but the video I saw were cheap, it was as if some BHAAND is trying to make people laugh and she is shown with another character “JOKER” who’s part is to laugh at whatever she says. That was really not some thing below standard, in other words it is cheap. The film critics in the world are experienced and some how educated people, who criticize and tells what should have been there or may be another actor would have played this role better, without making fun of any one specially the young talents. To me she is cheap and not up to my standard that I would like to listen from.

  • Bushra Ansari is a phenomenal actress, no doubt, but she shouldn’t use this kind of words for anyone as everyone has the right to have an opinion.

  • Bushra Ansari is a characterless woman aged divorcee who is just frustrated that’s all

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