VIDEO: ASF officer spits, throws chairs at passengers at Islamabad airport

Intolerant behavior of the officer with the tiring passengers.

  • On 17 October 2019, PIA flight from Riyadh to Peshawar due to bad weather could not land on the Peshawar airport. 
  • All the passengers were stranded on ASF Islamabad for more than 8 hours.

On 17 October 2019, PIA flight from Riyadh to Peshawar due to bad weather could not land on the Peshawar airport. The flight was then taken to ASF Islamabad instead of Islamabad airport.

Passengers were told that the weather in Peshawar is not suitable for landing. All the passengers were stranded on ASF Islamabad for more than 8 hours.

According to passengers, ASF management did not provide them anything to eat or even clean water to drink.

It should also be kept in mind, that part of the lounge is isolated and has no connection with the rest of the airport. There is only one gate that connects the lounge with the airport, passengers were brought there through that same gate.

Passengers were unable to contact anyone from the outside due to no Pakistani sim card and internet.

After four hours of tiring wait, people tried to protest and asked officers why they are being held there. Instead of facilitating people officers started to fight with people, throwing chairs and spitting on them.


Inconsiderate and obnoxious behavior of the officer was unacceptable, rather than making tired people comfortable such severe actions raise questions on how authorities are misusing and taking advantage of their positions.

Later on, it was revealed that weather of Peshawar was not that bad and many flights had arrived and departed except that one.

ASF Islamabad

“The Airport Security Force (ASF) is part of the Ministry of Defense and is responsible for protecting the airports. And the facilities and the planes (on-ground or in-air). ASF safeguards the civil aviation industry against unlawful interferences, adopting counter-terrorism measures, preventing crime and maintaining law and order within the limits of Airports in Pakistan. The ASF was established in 1976 under the Airport Security Force Act LXXVII of 1975 initially as the Directorate of the Department of Civil Aviation”.

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  • Asf is the 3rd class force of Pakistan. Does nt know how to treat with the untrained passengers. They are coward,don’t knw how to handle terrorist, happy to throw chairs at innocent people

  • ASF need to be retrained and brought up to an acceptable standard. Pakistan is trying to encourage tourism, however videos like this are going to drive people away. This guy needs to be dismissed and be made an example of. Authorities need to show this behaviour will not be tolerated and it will be considered gross misconduct.

  • ASF shuold be removed from all the airports they donot have idea how to deal with passengers.
    Instead of ASF the Pakistan Army should take charge at airports to make the environment suitable and i am sure that after Army there will be no such kind of situation. InshAllah

    Pakistan Army zindabad..

    • Bravo… That’s a silly approach. Army is far away aware of Aviation Standards. ASF is working on most sensitive borders. Army has other charters of tasks. And let me mention ASF remains under command of an Army Major General.

    • Their head (Director general ) is one of the special person of army… And second also see the full clip_what did that person do with that old servent….

  • When you talk about any sensitive issue you should have ample knowledge of facts and figures. Only birdeye view is not trustworthy. If you are so concerned of such matters you should ask responsible authorities for other side of the happening. Just irrelevant cut and paste yeelds no gains even it tornishes image of the country’s prestigious deptt. It was bad that an individual behaved intoloerntly but before that there was much bad action from some persons.
    Please go on facts to earn a good repute for earning on net.
    Hope you’ll take it an aid to your professioal compitency.

    • The fact is that this matter occurred on 17th of October and media is highlighting it on 23rd of October. The actual story behind the scene is that the passengers first misbehave with the Airports security force staff . One of the passenger slap an officer on duty then in reaction the other officer did this act. Well it is not the duty of ASF to provide food and accommodation to passengers, the duty of ASF is to protect airports of Pakistan and the Installments on the airports as well as passengers and counter terrorism. The passengers were protesting in the red zone and damaging the airport terminal and Installments and one thing we should always keep in our mind is that the government property is the property of Nation. So no one has right to do anything wrong with it and we will not let him or her to do this kind of unlawful act.

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